Using idle mobile phone to build local web environment + ngrok intranet penetration to achieve external network access

Using idle mobile phone to build local web environment + ngrok intranet penetration to achieve external network access

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Today and@ Two super Chatting inadvertently talked about the local server built by the mobile phone. In addition, I had a cool pie God F2 that had been idle for a long time in my hand. So my interest came. Here I will write down the detailed process. This article is suitable for beginners

means of preparation

One idle mobile phone (it's better to have root, the minimum configuration is 256ram, 512rom, 600MHz ≥ CPU)

Ksweb software (an open source server based on Android developed by Russian, which is composed of@ Hanwu provides

Ngrok intranet penetration (to achieve external network access, routers brush the third-party firmware, such as asus's old maozi padavan firmware, Mingyue openwrt, etc., broadband has public network IP which can be ignored)

Using ksweb to install

First download the ksweb3.62 cracked version provided by my love

The network disk is deleted by mistake Password: jbrp
Supplement (not tested) on July 29, 2018: Password: 9ywk

On September 27, 2018, newly added Android 8 support system (not tested) Password: 9ywk

Open the software > Settings > input any serial number to crack the professional version without limitation


Set > allow root permission, modify the default port 8080


You can visit now. Try it. Experience other functions on your own

Ngrok intranet penetration

Friends with public IP can be ignored
1. Go first ngrok Register account number, Tunnel Management > open tunnel


Home page view token


2. Feixun K2 used by bloggers, ASUS old maozi firmware


After the configuration, you can access the Internet, of course, you can also penetrate the router management address to achieve remote management of the router.

Speed, network performance

Mine is Coolpad F2 (off) Home page:



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    Good sharing, God 666. Mobile phone tablet Android system permissions can be more free, with ksweb can also let the corner of the old machine continue to shine. The intranet penetrates its own cloud server to build and toss over ngrok and FRP. Later, it has been mapping the external network with nat123 full port.

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    Feeling sharing. It happens that there is a spare cell phone that can be turned on at home. Ksweb integration package is easy to build web and FTP, which can be used as a lightweight server. In the no public IP environment, in addition to ngrok intranet penetration, there are many similar ways, such as FRP, nat123 mapping external network and so on.

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    have a look

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    Thank you for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing.

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