Face up to the occurrence

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Will cannot replace reality,

This is the time when the winners win,

As we fight,

There will also be lows,

But good people can always show their good side

Even if there is a swamp ahead, there is no need to retreat;

We have no choice!

No matter what difficulties we encounter, we will stick to it,

Don't be a failed deserter,

Puppets of life,

We despise mediocrity and refuse to betray,

The determination of the goal,

Dedication to the cause,

And a strong desire for success,

Impels us to cross the chasm one by one;

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to succeed,

Gain from loss,

Awake in confusion,

Firm in hesitation,

After a fall, bravely get up!

We disdain to be with negative people,

Because we are destined to be with success!


The pain of life experience,

Will be drowned in laughter

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