Mindoc document management system for pagoda installation

Mindoc document management system for pagoda installation

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Recently, I was looking for an open source document management system. In my impression, I built a document system in 2016, but I can't remember the name. I still have an impression on the UI. I searched repeatedly. Finally, I found the smartwiki document system on Google. Yes, it has been used for 16 years, but it has not been maintained

Mindoc is a simple and easy-to-use document management system for it team development. His predecessor was the smartwiki document system I was looking for.

Demo site: http://doc.iminho.me

Official documents: https://www.iminho.me/wiki/docs/mindoc/mindoc-summary.md

Default user name and password: admin / 123456

Brief installation

Mindoc needs a golang environment, and most people may not understand golang. We will use the compiled one to install it

1. Create website (MySQL database code utf8mb4 ), compiled source code


2. Pagoda release eight thousand one hundred and eighty-one port

3. Add environment variables

open /etc/profile File, added at bottom

 export PATH=$PATH:/www/wwwroot/domain.com/lib/time/zoneinfo.zip

4. After adding, save and exit, and then execute the following command to make it effective

 source /etc/profile

5. Configuration database

Directory conf/app.conf file

If not, rename app.conf.example to app.conf

 #Supports MySQL and SQLite3 databases. If it is SQLite3, DB_ Database identifies the physical directory of the database db_ adapter="${MINDOC_DB_ADAPTER||MySQL}" db_ host="${MINDOC_DB_HOST||}" db_ port="${MINDOC_DB_PORT||3306}" db_ database="${MINDOC_DB_DATABASE||name}" db_ username="${MINDOC_DB_USERNAME||name}" db_ password="${MINDOC_DB_PASSWORD||pwd}"

Initialize database

 cd /www/wwwroot/domain.com ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64 install

Prompt install successfully! Indicates that the installation has been completed.

Start program

 #Modify executable permissions chmod +x mindoc_ linux_ amd64 #Start program ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64

Background operation can exit the window method

 nohup ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64 &

It's now accessible over IP: 8181

Set inverse generation

IP: port access is more troublesome. Panel - reverse proxy

Installation services

 ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64 service install

Start up + start up

 systemctl start mindocd systemctl enable mindocd

Management command

 #Database initialization command: install ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64 install #Version view: version ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64 version #Install Service (a service named mindocd 'will be created) ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64 service install  #Uninstall service ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64 service remove #Change account password ./mindoc_ linux_ amd64 password -account admin -password 123456

This paper refers to: https://www.wogaosuni.com/thread-583.htm


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