Installing zfaka in appnode environment

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Appnode cluster management panel


GitHub download zfaka stable

Configuration modification

Pseudo static

 if (!- e $request_ filename) { rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?$ 1 last; }

Run directory
Settings - Directory settings - run directory /public
Close the site to prevent cross station open_ basedir
Set PHP security site cross site directory access restrictions no
Turn off pathinfo
Set PHP pathinfo close

Install YAF

one YAF extension installation
Open component management - Settings - install extensions - Search yaf install
two to configure
Component management - Settings - global source add the following code yaf.environ='product' yaf.use_ namespace=1

Access installation

1. Front end prompt:
Warning: please change to application.ini according to the installation requirements
Modify the path under / conf /
2. Environmental detection
Modify the directory permissions and install.
3. More questions By zfaka

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