Simple and beautiful directory program:

Simple and beautiful directory program:

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brief introduction

 files-app.jpg is a simple and beautiful directory program, which can be used by uploading index.php directly. Support online preview of music, pictures, videos, text codes, etc. It is suitable for picture display, directory index and other needs.

Official website:

Download and install
Yes, just one index.php

PHP extension installation: GD, mbstring, fileinfo, exif
(The pagoda has GD and mbstring extensions installed by default)

Partial configuration

About 18 lines: root directory configuration 'root'=>'',//leave blank by default

 //Root configuration 'root' => '', // root path relative to script.  'start_ path' => false, // start path relative to script.  If empty, root is start path

About 21 lines: authorized login

 //Authorized login 'username' => '', 'password'=>'',//fill in the parameter to enable, leave blank to close

About 62 lines: exclude files or directories

 //Exclude files or directories 'files_ exclude' => '', // '/\. (png | jpe? G) $/i '/explanation: exclude the suffix png.jpeg.jpg 'dirs_ Exclude '=>' ',//'//MI8 | /doc | /222 (/| $)/i '/Release: exclude directory MI8.doc.222 'allow_ symlinks' => true, // allow symlinks

See the official website description for more settings:

About Authorization

Open source code, the function is completely free and unlimited. An authorization window will pop up every time you open it without authorization. Of course, you can also support the author to purchase genuine copies if you have the ability.

Share a happy link: @v2.0/files.js
Localize js at the bottom of index.php
<script src="<?php echo config::$assets ?>js/files.js"></script>



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