Appnode builds a single corner digital card

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The GitHub document does not write the installation tutorial of appnode. I wrote an article to record that it is similar to the installation of pagoda, with little difference.

Thanks to the author for the open source project:
Create website > download source code

Mandatory environment


Installing PHP extensions

FileInfo (installed by default) redis Opcache (optional installation)

Remove disable PHP function

PHP Security > cancel anti cross site

proc_ open delete

Apnnode is not disabled by default, and will be deleted if any
putenv pcntl_ signal pcntl_ alarm

Other configurations

Configure SSL

Run Directory > public

Pseudo static

 try_ files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_ args$query_ string;

Import SQL file

.env.example Revised as .env

 copy .env.example .env

Open the. Env configuration database, etc
Component management - PHP default command line > corresponding PHP version

 [ root@name  www]# php artisan dujiao install =====Single corner digital card installation environment test starts===== Importing database Import successful

Supervisor process hosting

PHP path + website path+ queue:work

 /opt/appnode/appnode-php72/root/usr/bin/php /data/***/sites/  queue:work

matters needing attention

Supervisor is a mail service here. It has been changed . env mail configuration We need to restart it Supervisor Process service, otherwise it will not take effect!

You must configure the app in. Env after it is officially launched_ Debug is set to false, turn off debugging mode!

Finally, thank you for your guidance


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