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Recently, many people in the group said that the registration website for self-study examination in Sichuan Province exploded. After upgrading, it seemed that it was reopened again today. There was a picture of 99999 people queuing up in the group. Then, some people clamored in the group to sign up for the self-study examination. The fees ranged from 5 to 20 yuan, and they also paid for the success of the report on behalf of others. Therefore, we conducted a simple research and looked at the next web generation Code and JS code, found that the login interface is only hidden, so share with you.


Statement: the script is only for learning, do not use it for commercial purposes. I believe that after analyzing a wave, the system will be upgraded accordingly. It is very simple, and there is no need to queue up for a line of code!

Script code:

$$('dv_ login_ body').style.display='block';

usage method:

Open the registration website of self-study examination directly Then, under normal circumstances, you can queue up to input the verification code, and then you can enter the verification code directly. Then, the browser opens the debugging mode, and the Chrome browser shortcut key F12, and then find the console Paste the core code above, and then press enter to find that the login box appears. However, the queue shown above is ignored directly, and then enter the account number and password to log in!

The picture and text course is as follows:

Open debug mode and paste code

Log in directly

If you use other browsers, please open debugging mode by yourself.

Principle analysis:

The following is the analysis principle. Xiaobai can skip it directly. You can directly view the JS code in the style CSS file to control whether the form is displayed or not. The default queuing is the result POS field returned from the background, which means that queuing is only controlled by the front-end page, while the back-end only returns a current login number. For example, the system can only tolerate 1W concurrency, Then the back-end just judges the current login user. After more than 1W, the front-end interface intercepts the login request and does not submit the login request. Therefore, this code simply changes the hidden to display.

The front-end uses a timer, each few seconds to the back-end request to check the number of queuing, so simple.


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