Recently, a lot of people in the group saw the bombing of the Sichuan self examination website. After upgrading, it seems that it was reopened today, and it saw a picture of 99999 people queuing up. Then there were individuals calling in the group to collect their own fees, and the fees were 5-20 yuan, and the bags were reported to be successful. So there was absolutely a bit of a trick. So a simple study was done, and the web page code and JS code were read.


Affirming: this script is only used as a study, not used for commercial purposes. I believe that after analyzing a wave, the system will be upgraded correspondingly. It is very simple. There is no need to line up a line of code.

Script code:


usage method:

Directly open the self examination registration website Https:// Then, normally, call the input verification code queue and enter the verification code directly. Then the browser opens the debug mode, the Chrome browser shortcut key F12, and then finds it. Console Paste the core code above, then enter the vehicle to find out the login box. However, the queues shown above are directly ignored, and then enter the account password to log in.

The tutorials are as follows:

Open debug mode and paste code.

Login directly

If you use other browsers, please open your own debug mode on Baidu.

Principle analysis:

The following are the analysis principles, which can be directly skipped by Xiao Bai's words, which can directly check the JS code used in the style CSS files to control whether the form is displayed. The default queue is the result of the POS field returned through the background. That means queuing is only the control of the front page, and the backend just returns the number of people who are currently logged in. For example, the system can only bear the concurrence of 1W, so the back-end is just judging the users who are currently logged in. After the 1W, the front end interface is blocked, and the login request is not submitted, so the code is very simple to change the hiding to display.

The front end uses a timer, and each s requests the number of queues at the back end. It's as simple as that.


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