This station has shared free self built FRP internal network penetration. For Xiao Bai, the client configuration is rather cumbersome. Today, we bring you a lightweight, powerful internal network penetration proxy server. It supports TCP and UDP traffic forwarding, supports intranet HTTP agent and Intranet Socks5 proxy, and supports snappy compression, site protection, encrypted transmission, multiplexing, header modification and so on. Support web graphical management and integrate multi-user mode.

GitHub open source address: Click here.



This internal network penetration can be used in major platforms, including the router is very convenient, it is simply the welfare of Xiao Bai, the use of tutorials is also very clear, simply talk about how to build the server, interested to try.


1) download the compiled version at the author's open source address. This is centos7, so I download it here. Linux_amd64_server.tar.gz that will do

2) perform decompression. Tar zxvf linux_amd64_server.tar.gz

3) run the server side and enter the NPs directory execution. ./nps start

4) browser access Server IP:8080 The default account is admin, password 123.

5) use more tutorials. Reference Official Handbook

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