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Love can be done, who will talk about it

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-08-14) Life experience one thousand and seventy-one

We always want to have a long way to go, but there are not too many things to do next time. People who want to do will always stay at this moment

 36-1 fg1203302g1.jpg love can be done, who will talk about life experience

At this moment, we enjoy the excitement, but we don't know where the next second will be

But no matter where I am, I don't have you anymore

Yes, love can be done. Who else will talk about it

I've thought a lot about you. In the end, there's only one night of passion between us

Encounter more and more routines, see more and more betrayal, slowly feel that the first move will be more hurt

We are stubborn and vain, care about the face of love and win or lose, but forget that love did not win or lose, leaving behind all kinds of regret, lonely life

It's a pity that you have loved before, but you haven't done it. What you want to sleep is what you want to love with your heart

Now did not love to do, leave in a hurry, pretending to be a passer-by


How I want to wake up, I'm still around you. I want to be different from the passers-by in your life. I want to leave a lot of marks in your memory

I want to make love to you till dawn, and I want to love you all the time

Some people don't fall in love because they don't meet the right person. Maybe they have passed by for many times and met many times. Finally, they are not together because they can't believe love

The porridge in the morning is better than the wine in the late night, but who can't have a good time? Poisonous grass opens charming flowers, and people who hurt you say they love you

There are a lot of people in the world who regret to leave because of various reasons. I would like to bravely embrace you, but I'm afraid it's full of hurt. Maybe I just dare not love you, but I really dare not love you

If one day you meet someone you like, will you hold her hand or dare you to hold her hand

I want you to be nice to me, but I'm afraid you are also good to others

Everyone in the world, rich and poor, beautiful or ugly, noble and vulgar, is unique

There is no perfect individual, no perfect love, no perfect life, but I want to be your unique

I don't want to go with you when I find that you're not just saying good night to me, not just being warm to me, not just holding my hand

If you want to be so good that you can make a rule, people who really like me will open their mouth and tell me that they want to make a routine. My people will become a stupid pig so that I won't miss you

I'm eager to see you, but please remember that I won't tell you that I want to see you. It's not because of pride. You should know that there is no pride in front of you, but because

I want to see you when you want to see me, too

So you have to be brave and say to me that I want to see you, I want to see you every day

Love can be done, but we should talk about it well

I hope you can love bravely

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 Ji Changxin
Three years ago (2017-08-14)

Good picture?



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