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Why do you want to blog?

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I know it may be inappropriate to say this now, after all. Blog The time has passed, and we call on you to use it again. Does it seem that something is going upstream?

I once asked myself this question, but I think the blog era has nothing to do with our blogs in the past. It's like your reading time has passed and you no longer read.

To judge whether a thing is worth doing, there is a way to write the reasons that are not worth doing on the left side of a white paper, and then write the reasons worth doing on the right side.

We are all grown up, and you will think that the process of thinking and analyzing is the correct way of thinking.

 17d253a.jpg thought about it. Why blog? Life sentiment

Blogging is not difficult. You can take it as a record of life, but such a record has no meaning. Writing is right to write itself. What should be written should be the result of thinking. I think if you want to start a blog, the content of blog should be like this:

1. is not life miscellany, not flow accounts, not complaining, not complaining, not mood trivia. ;

2. writing purposefully, pursuing pragmatism and pursuing quality;

3. admit your true self, do not brag, do not pretend to be forced, do not need to please the reader;

4. record the process of learning, thinking and summarizing.

5. share your stories, feelings, experiences.

Writing is not pure writing.

For example, when you write and write, you suddenly forget a concept, so when you search the Internet to find the concept, you can review this concept, and you may also take a look at other things of this concept.

For example, you need to get first-hand information. Finding information sources is a process of knowledge accumulation. At the same time, you gradually learn to identify knowledge: what is useless Chicken Soup for the soul, what is not worth paying attention to, and you also develop your mind in this process.

A lot of things you think you understand, but when you write down, you feel helpless.

The most important part of the Internet spirit is communism. Based on communism, you can enjoy it. Sociology And the Internet brings you all kinds of convenience and benefits. You share a knowledge, and you become a point in the Internet. The size of this point is decided by yourself. The tide of the Internet will push your point to every corner it can reach, so that people in need can get it. At the same time, your point will also continue to expand and connect to the entire network. This point may connect to a network, and you are the center of this network.

In micro-blog, you may not find anyone who shares your interests in a circle of friends, but you can quickly recognize and identify this person by reading several articles in his blog. Even if you haven't seen this person, you can learn from each other through this connection.

If you have a good understanding in a field, you will put these contents on the Internet, and people who are interested in you on the Internet will also be attracted to you. According to the law of attraction, what kind of person you are attracted to is what you are attracted to, which is the glamour that blog can give you.

After a while, when you look back at your blog, you will find that you are growing in such a way. This growth is a wealth in your eyes. It is a map in other people's eyes. You get the harvest, constantly correct your mistakes, others get guidance and avoid detours.

More often, when you look back at yourself, you will find yourself a silly so what that is what I am!

A lot of things you think you are very aggressive are done by yourself.

Others are in micro-blog, you are reading books, others are watching Shaoxing opera, you are learning English, others are singing K, you are writing your personal summary. When you have dinner, you must find a companion, go for a tour, find a companion, and watch a movie to find a companion. When did you do your own thing last time?

A long-term value blog is a good resume. The resume here is not a narrow sense of resumes. After all, it has not yet reached the age of value blogging. Many bloggers are reprinted everywhere or simply broken up. Therefore, the interviewer may not take personal blog as a more reliable window to understand a person.

This "resume" refers to a window that allows others to understand themselves. Although we may not be able to get blogs like Luo Yonghao or Keso, personal influence is enough to support a career (Niu Bo and 5gme), but at least you will get to know more people. The higher the value of your blog, the more you know people, and the communication with the cattle people will broaden your horizons and open one door after another. This is a virtuous circle.

You may not know what to write on the white paper (why not write blog). I can't imagine writing a blog era or I don't have time. But at the same time, you can also use those time to think about how to write a price blog for a long time.

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