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[windows] the most popular database front-end user interface tool, Navicat for MySQL

Dazzle Yi 2017-06-26 Industry trends one thousand five hundred and eighty-six


Visual database operation Software , which is simpler and rougher than mysql.

The official price is rough.

If you know it, you can try it if you don't know.

Compared with phpMyAdmin and Heizi, this one is probably very expensive and feels good to use.

Navicat for MySQL cracked version 12.2.16

Navicat is a fast, reliable and affordable database management tool,

Designed to simplify database management and reduce system Management cost. Its design meets the needs of database administrators, developers and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Navicat is built with an intuitive GUI that allows you to security And it's a simple way to create, organize, access, and share information.

Security software has been tested non-toxic, please feel free to download.



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