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Dazzle Yi 2017-06-19 Industry trends one thousand one hundred and ninety

Function introduction

Alipay (guaranteed transaction / dual function interface / instant payment), UnionPay, PayPal, TenPay and wechat payment have been integrated into the program

Integration of mycred points plug-in (extra charge function)

Recharge card (the administrator generates the card number and password of the recharge card in the background, which can be sold on the third-party automatic card issuing platform, and then purchased and used to recharge the website with the card cipher) (additional payment function)

Alipay transfer payment (suitable for users without Alipay interface)

Support the setting of service charge ratio of member withdrawal security Mode (make Alipay guarantee transaction unable to recharge successfully, instant account can recharge successfully), Alipay asynchronous processing order, user promotion commission ratio, currency nickname (e.g. template currency), recharge ratio (e.g. 1 yuan = 10 template currency)

Support to query consumption records, recharge records, query user balance, recharge records, consumption records

View and process cash withdrawal application list, support to view all income and promotion

Publish the paid download resources (support the external chain, set the decompression password and send it to the purchasing users by email), publish the charging content and download the resources in the consumption list



It's already safe Software Test non-toxic, please feel free to download.



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