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Partial employment

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-06-11) Record the past one thousand and sixty-two

As the old saying goes: 360 lines, each line produces the number one scholar. It used to be 360 lines, but now Sociology It can be said that there are various industries and ways of making a living that you can't imagine. The types of industries are far more than 360 lines. Although there are many industries, there are only three kinds if we divide them from the perspective of positive Occupation: professional, partial and neutral. We may often hear people say the word "do not engage in a proper job". Of course, the word now has a derogatory meaning, but I think the original meaning of the word should be neutral, which means that we should not "do not engage in that kind of orthodox and formal business and walk in the cold door".

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It is easy to see whether a person is suitable for professional work or partial work from the eight characters. It is easier to distinguish between partial and positive. In terms of correction, we must understand the partial star and positive star of hit.

In the eight characters, according to the relationship between the other seven branches and the RI Gan (representing the Lord himself), it can be divided into ten stars, of which five are "positive stars" and five are "partial stars". The five positive stars refer to Zhengguan, Zhengyin, Bijian, Shishen and Zhengcai; the five partial stars refer to seven killing, partial printing, robbing, injuring officials and partial wealth. If a person hits more positive stars than partial stars, the life is a life of deviation; otherwise, it is a partial life.

The more eight character star, the more suitable to be engaged in business; the more partial star, the more suitable to be engaged in partial business. Of course, the choice of occupation is just an important indicator. There are also some other important factors, such as the eight character pattern, collocation and fortune. To give a simple example, a character with eight characters can be said to be full of stars. He is a person with a strong sense of speculation and risk-taking. He has always been interested in that kind of unofficial, gambling and risk-taking. Should I suggest that he engage in partial or high-risk industries? I don't have such a suggestion, because his current fortune belongs to a very unstable adversity, which is easy to break money and be framed by villains. This kind of high-risk business in transportation is nothing more than to draw chestnuts out of fire. It is too dangerous. I can only solemnly admonish him to try again after this fortune

In ancient times, people were not optimistic about partial employment or their development prospects were not very great, but in modern times it is different. If there are too many positive stars, they tend to be gentlemanly. They prefer stability, stability, and fixed work and environment. Therefore, they are not suitable for developing in the fields characterized by fast-paced, fierce competition, continuous innovation, and running around. However, those who are partial to life are completely opposite.

In the agricultural society, of course, it is better to keep the work in order. But in today's rapidly changing business society and information age, partial industry is often more popular and more successful. If you compare the above differences, you can know which one is more successful. Therefore, we can see that fortune telling really needs to keep pace with the times

In today's society, only from the point of view of wealth (not refers to the realm of cultivation, etc.), static is better than moving. Trees move to death, and people move to live. I have always believed that in modern society, most of the people who are willing to endure hardships and toss about can achieve economic success. Although they are more stable than Pian, they are often not as fast as Pian Lai. By the way, in martial arts novels, many of the martial arts or weapons used by the powerful characters determined by Kung Fu are also relatively unorthodox. For example, Xiao Li's throwing knife, peacock plume, parting hook, Golden Snake sword of Golden Snake Lang Jun and so on, because of deviation, people are often unable to defend themselves.

Let's talk about the following questions to explain what is partial industry (or partial industry). Of course, this is not an absolute division, and it is impossible to include all partial industries. Just list some for your reference.

On the whole, partial industry includes religion, Yi ology (geomantic omen, traditional Chinese medicine, fortune telling, physiognomy, divination, etc.), metaphysics, spiritualism, special skills, etc.

Common biases include: numerologist, astrologer, inventor, traditional Chinese medicine, physician, chess player, psychologist, detective, investigator, yin-yang expert, prophet, etc., and of course, they also include various special skills.

In a word, if a person has been engaged in a regular business for many years and feels that it is difficult for him to get good development, Or you feel that you can't stand the step-by-step and unchanging environment (such as the boring work of killing a day with a newspaper and a cup of tea, or the kind of work that is mechanically repeated all day). You can consider whether you can switch to partial employment according to your own characteristics and specialties. Maybe you will get unexpected harvest after a change. On the other hand, if a person who doesn't like to be too active is engaged in the dynamic and competitive partial business and has a bad development, he may as well turn to the main line of work. That is to say, each of them has his own place.

For example, I am a blogger.

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