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Win 10 the most perfect and simplest way to remove the shortcut small arrow

Dazzle Yi 2017-05-25 Industry trends one thousand six hundred and forty-eight

 Win 10 the most perfect and simplest way to remove small arrows shortcut.jpg

Fast removal with bat win10 system Desktop shortcut small arrow for obsessive-compulsive disorder


The win10 system was upgraded last night, but the small arrow of his desktop shortcut is really eye-catching, obsessive-compulsive disorder can't stand it! In the past, many small arrows were removed based on win7 system. Many win10 systems have failed. Today, Northwest China shares a method to remove small arrows in win10 system, which is similar to that of win7 system.

usage method:

Download the attachment, then unzip it, and run it with administrator privileges, over.

》》》》》》》》》》》   Win10 to shortcut.rar 《《《《《《《《《《《

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