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After installation, win7 system cannot access the shared files of XP computer. How to open port 445?

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-05-14) Industry trends three thousand six hundred and ninety-three

Blackmail for NSA's "eternal blue" Software The virus will use port 445 to invade your computer, so if the "NSA weapon library immune tool" launched by 360 is not detected to be suitable for you during the repair process system In order to open a remote connection, the user needs to re open this port. How to open port 445 is described below

 How to open port 445 when win7 system can't access shared files of XP computer after installation. JPG NSA weapon library immune tool can't access shared files of XP computer after installation. How to open port 445? Industry trends

Method 1: start run input regedit. Modify the registry and add a key value hive: HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE    Key: System\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\NetBT\\Parameters    Name: SMBDeviceEnabled    Type: REG_ DWORD value: 1 restart run -- CMD -- type netstat - an to see the open ports

Method 2

1. You need to open the windows wall and click Advanced settings

2. After opening the advanced settings, select "inbound rule" and then click "new rule"

3. After clicking on the port, select "protocol and port"

4. Rule selection applies to "TCP", then select "specific local port" and enter "445"

5. Select allow connections

6. Click "next" and enter "name"


PS: I think after this wave of blackmail, a certain 60 will increase a wave of users.

The school said it was for students to play game Turn off the firewall error (News), which game need to manually close the firewall?

Wumao said it was the fault of users QQQQ turning QQQQ wall QQQQ

Old XP users say that Microsoft is writing and directing itself

Then 360 and computer housekeeper now have a variety of climax, that is, it blocked the patch, and then made the latest protection patch with Microsoft's patch

Major colleges and universities public microblog began to py these two software



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