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The unforgettable pain and emotion of the 9-year anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake-may 13, 2017

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-05-13) Record the past one thousand two hundred and thirty-four

The 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake occurred at 14:28:04, Beijing time, Monday, May 12, 2008. The epicenter of the earthquake is located at the junction of Yingxiu town and Xuankou Town, Wenchuan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, people's Republic of China.

 The unforgettable pain and moving of the 9-year memorial ceremony of Wenchuan earthquake. The unforgettable pain and moving of the nine-year memorial ceremony of Wenchuan earthquake-2017-05-13 records the past    

   With the approval of the State Council, May 12 of each year has been the national "disaster prevention and mitigation day" since 2009.

   In 2008, 14:28:04, an unforgettable time; the 8.0 earthquake killed nearly 70000 people, a memory that can never be forgotten. Nine years later, rows of new and solid buildings have been built on the ruins of the Wenchuan earthquake, and the ruins of the earthquake have been gradually covered with grass and trees. "I was two years older than you that year, and I'm 11 years older this year." Netizens' memories of that year, why did they cry when they looked at it The mountains and rivers heal the wounds, but the memory goes deep into the bone marrow. At the 9th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, we have experienced the fragility of life, and the pain and emotion we can not forget. Today, let us once again be silent for the dead and salute the brave.

   "The power to create heaven can only be tempered through the ordeal of hell." No one wants a disaster to happen, but when it comes, it often tests the national quality of a country. It is a great test of China's national strength. Who is the most firm in front of disaster? It is the people who never stop walking in the disaster, the people who know the truth of "rejuvenating the country through difficulties", and even more those who never lower and stubborn national backbone.

   The fundamental direction of citizen personality and civic education lies not only in the identification of civic consciousness and citizenship, but also in positive practice and resolute action. Those who have the money, the powerful contribution, and the support from all sides are just the self-conscious input of countless citizens, which makes our disaster relief operations orderly and efficient. In the face of the disaster, many people have changed their indifference to public affairs, the enthusiasm of citizens is booming, and the sense of responsibility is unprecedented. The disaster itself has become the most important civic education classroom. Moreover, when we carefully examine the details of disasters, we will find that, although natural disasters are unavoidable, how to deal with natural disasters and reduce man-made injuries is still unsatisfactory. This reminds us that the real civic practice should run through the details of our daily life, and should be transformed into our respect for personal professional responsibility.

   The earthquake relief made the people of the whole country feel the great tragedy together, and feel the same with the people in the disaster area every moment. The education that disasters can give to human beings is not only to provide them with the ability to cope with disasters and increase the possibility of survival. More importantly, it makes us understand the heaviness of life in an unusual way, and implies in a subtle way that we should treat life well. Engels once said that a wise nation can learn much more from disasters and mistakes than usual. Disaster is not only a crisis but also an opportunity. The experience and lessons from disaster are wealth. It not only tests us, but also gives us the opportunity to learn and improve. Natural disasters can't be avoided, but the loss caused by disasters largely depends on our pre-warning judgment ability, our ability to organize and coordinate disaster relief, and also our ability to summarize, reflect and improve after disasters.

   Never forget the past is the teacher of the future. The unexpected arrival of a disaster has taught us too many things: tenacity, cherishing life, loving life, mutual aid and fraternity Similarly, it is in the practice of such a string of words that highlights the glory of human nature and achieves the height of life. On the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, we will never forget the history. We will always remember this moment, pray for the victims, and let the spiritual strength forever hone the journey of dream building.

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 The rain shed tears
Three years ago (2017-05-25)

For those who have experienced it, forgetting is the best.

Dazzle Yi reply:
When I was in primary school, I feel as if it was yesterday.
Three years ago (2017-05-25)



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