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Reverie in the middle of the night

Dazzle Yi 2016-12-14 Life experience one thousand and twenty-three

 Midnight reverie.png

  Si Ye He Liang    Wandering in the distance

What do you think    Lonely and boundless

The shadow swayed under the street lamp

In the replay of the previous story

The black cat convulsed and fled

Wake up the sleeping me

The drunk in the middle of the road was crazy

Laugh now and then    Now and then there was silence

It seems to tell the melancholy of life

Just as the empty Gemini is so bright

Flickering now and then    Focus now and then

It seems to be competing with the bright moon

The scenery in front of you has been seen in turn

People behind me are still reluctant to part with each other

This feeling    Who can share it with me

I want to go to sleep    It was early morning



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