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We are so familiar, you can help me

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-04-06) Record the past one thousand one hundred and twenty-one
Yesterday, I went to wash hot pot with my friend Lao Qu, whom I haven't seen for a long time. During the meal, the old district answered a phone call, and after hanging up, he kept scolding.

 We are so familiar, you can help me. JPG we are so familiar, you can help me, record the past

As far as I know, the old liberated area is usually a good tempered person, and can even speak evil words. I think it must be an intolerable thing.

After careful inquiry, the old district told me that the friend I just called met at a dinner party, but he was not very familiar. He always asks him for help every three days. Either he designs a logo for his company, or he borrows a car from him to send his children to college. Every time he says, "I'll invite you to dinner some other day," he is dismissed.

Originally, between friends, occasionally to help, give a hand, there is nothing to worry about, but also to promote the feelings between each other. But there are always some uninteresting people who like to trouble others frequently and even ask for too much. If you're rejected one day, they'll blame you for being unfriendly.

As a saying goes, if someone asks you for help, he will come to you ten times and take it for granted. When you don't help one day, he will forget ten times you helped, only one time you didn't help.  

In the face of repeated requests from friends, it seems that they are not generous enough to affect each other's friendship. It's hard for me to accept. It's really a dilemma. It makes people inside and outside.

There was a friend who advertised before. He often sent me all kinds of plans and asked for help to polish it. Sometimes busy reply late, mobile phones began to be bombarded non-stop.

Later, I finally couldn't help but break out and said to him, I have my own business to be busy, and I'm not waiting for your files to be received 24 hours by the computer. His tone is sour. Ouch, our friends are not willing to help us with this small favor. You are not interesting enough.

With the identity of a friend, you can instruct others to do this or that at will. Even the tone of pleading is so straightforward and forceful. I would like to ask, who is not interesting enough? You're my father, not my friend. Is there any better way to force people to talk about this than to get upset?

Cai Kangyong once said, "even if we are lucky enough to know someone who can help us, we'd better not ask for help immediately. If you do that, you will probably only break a possible friendship. If there is no need to transport blood, it is not a person who has no need to be seen as a friend

True friends may be those who don't ask you to help easily. They will take the word "human relationship" more seriously than anything else. Once they get the benefits you give them, they will never produce a little bit of advantage. On the contrary, they will feel like they are in debt, and they will try to repay each other in various ways. It is in this process of coming and going and mutual trouble that the relationship between people can be sublimated.

Later, you will find that those friends who blindly overdraw the social cost will eventually lose their way in your life and become the number in the address book that has never been dialed again.

Only when we pay attention to self-restraint and control in interpersonal communication can we achieve a close and stable relationship between people.

"We are so familiar, you can help me."

"I'm sorry, I don't have a friend like you who takes advantage of it."

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