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Every time we separate, we should say goodbye

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-02-23) Life experience one thousand one hundred and four

When one day those who used to be close to us finally want to leave us, I wish you and I can smile and wave with them, don't listen to their voice and shout their names.

   Every time we separate, we should say goodbye. JPG every time we separate, we should say goodbye to life

We always think that there is still room for manoeuvre in every quarrel and cold war, in every blackout and deletion. But there is always a certain fate between people, but that day you inadvertently said goodbye, and then I really never saw you again. Zhang Xiaoxian said that with the diversity of world affairs, people meet at the right time, but it is inevitable to say goodbye.  


We all want to talk about a love that won't break up, but at the end of the day, we find that there are always some people who have been living in our hearts, but say goodbye to life. I'm afraid the "goodbye" owed to them will not be paid for the rest of my life.  


For the close relatives around us, we always lack the most basic company. We always say busy, busy talking about business, busy dating with lovers, busy entertaining friends, but time is the most ruthless, until we find that all missed can no longer make up for, we will soberly realize the significance of cherishing. Finally, even a farewell, has become the unfinished heart of this life.  


Too much in the process of growing up. Every time I leave school after graduation, every job transfer, every move of residence, break up with lovers, estrange from friends, and even the death of an elder. Parting seems to have become the normal of our life, we always have to constantly and once familiar with those people one by one.
When watching Ang Lee's "the fantasy drift of the youth school", there was a plot that moved me very much. The protagonist recalled his past experience. When talking about his parents, brothers and partners, Richard Parker finally left him, he said with tears in his eyes: "life may be that you never give up, but the most heartbreaking thing is that I failed to say goodbye to them one by one. "
Many people, a lot of things, a turn is a lifetime. Things are changeable. When those who were close to each other will leave us one day, I hope you and I can wave goodbye to them with a smile, listen to their voices and shout their names. Maybe we will meet again or never meet again in the days to come, but we still thank them for their sincere love and company in those years.

What you have is luck, but what you lose is life.
This article is dedicated to those who have lost, are losing and are about to lose in our lives.  

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Life is always saying goodbye



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