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It's time to forget that man, right?

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-02-08) Record the past nine hundred and ninety-five

 It's time to forget that person, isn't it. It's time to forget that person, isn't it? Record the past   

In this life, we have to brush past countless people, meet or meet many people, practice love with several people, and finally spend the rest of our lives with one person. There is no right or wrong in all the differences. It is better to let go of it.

You said that you have opened the dialog box countless times and closed it silently, because you know that you can give the last love to each other, that is, never to disturb. I know, you all know the truth, but it's not as easy to forget it as we think. However, no matter how sad you are, that person will not come back. People who are determined to go, how can they be easily detained or turned back.

I have also been lovelorn, also want a person to think of sleeping and eating hard, but I can be very responsible to tell you, will be good. There is no one in the world who really can't lose anyone. That person doesn't want you. Why do you torture yourself and refuse to return two people's freedom. Believe me, sooner or later, you will forget the process that you never forget.

I want to tell you that no matter how much the person loves you at the beginning, no matter how happy you are when you are together, you will no longer be the most important person in each other's life from the moment you are separated. You have been predestined, but you are not enough to complete your life. All left, give up, in fact, are to make way for your true love.

Almost, it's time to forget the former TA. In the future, you will meet a lot of people, these people go and stop, come and go, but eventually there will be a person sitting next to you, without saying a word, but you know, this is the person you are waiting for. Please be brave enough to live a good life. We're all going to be happy, right?

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