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Why do low-level people always like to grab red envelopes

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-02-02) Record the past one thousand six hundred and eighty-three

The latest big data on red packets shows that a total of 14.2 billion wechat red packets have been sent and received on New Year's eve of the year of the rooster in 2017.
       Why do people with low level always like to rob red envelopes? JPG why do people with low level always like to rob red envelopes and record the past


"Sister, how many red envelopes did you rob today?"

Last night, before I went to bed, my 15-year-old cousin asked me that.

Cousin complacent that he robbed a total of 43 yuan.

The main positions he robbed of red envelopes were classmates and our family groups. Most of the group sent small packets within 10 yuan, ranging from a few cents to a few yuan per red envelope.

I can only express my admiration for my cousin's persistence in robbing him in the middle of the night.

In the era of being kidnapped by wechat, we all more or less joined some wechat groups. I wonder if you have noticed that some wechat groups are especially keen on robbing and sending red packets.

Those who like to send red envelopes either pull everyone to vote or have nothing to do with it. Generally, they don't give out big bags. Most of them are small bags of about 35 yuan and 10 yuan.

I've seen a group of my junior high school students who love to send red envelopes. Every time I open that group, there are people giving red envelopes. The lucky ones relay. Most of them are small packets of two or three yuan, with an average of less than 50 cents, and they are always robbed in minutes.

The red envelope building is mixed with voice chat. In a short time, there are thousands of chat records. I stayed in the building for two or three days. I really don't understand why they are so idle, so they quit the group.

Besides, I really think that the red envelope relay is a boring and meaningless thing.

By observing more than ten wechat groups I added, I found that there are three types of people who like to rob red envelopes.

One is children, such as my nine year old niece. They may like the red envelope because they are not free.

One is the middle-aged and old people like my father-in-law and mother-in-law. They generally learn to play wechat for a short time, and they are also very keen on robbing red packets.

There are also some people who are not highly educated and of low level.

It's not a fluff.

I added a few relatively high-end groups, we don't chat much, all have something to talk about, nothing to keep silent, and relatively low-end groups, especially like to send red packets and grab red packets, the group is always said: so and so send a.

The most bizarre situation I encountered was that I only sent a red envelope and then robbed it by myself. I never understood where the G-spot was.

Red envelopes are not gambling. I don't mean to discriminate against small red envelopes. The original intention of the invention of red envelopes should be to make them lively and fun. However, I think it's boring and time-consuming to send red envelopes and even relay them all the time. Only relatively low-level talents can do it.


The Spring Festival is the peak period for red packets. The latest big data on red packets shows that a total of 14.2 billion wechat red packets have been sent and received on New Year's eve of the year of the rooster in 2017.

I'm sorry to tell you that my family group has sent nearly 300 red envelopes. The 43 yuan I just mentioned from my cousin's harvest is mainly from here.

My colleague said that there are 23 members of his family group, and they have also sent nearly 200 red envelopes. Don't think that if you miss 200 red envelopes, you will miss 100 million, and the person with the best fortune in her family will get 100 yuan.

Of course, during the Spring Festival, family groups chat and send red envelopes. We can understand it as connecting feelings. I didn't mean to criticize them. This is a new form of Chinese New Year.

The same is true of several relatively low-end groups that I am in. Almost all of them have given red envelopes for one night. It's just like a carnival of red envelopes. They can't sleep until two or three o'clock. Unfortunately, they don't get much.

Some of the relatively high-end groups I work in are completely different. There will also be new year's greetings, but only the group leader will send red packets, and all of them are big ones.

What does that mean?

The low-level people are all grabbing red envelopes, and they are always happy. If they get lucky, they will be very happy. When they meet a small bag, they will feel stingy when they meet them. If they miss them, they will stamp their feet and shake their hands regretfully.

The high-level people, not to mention Ma Yun, Lei Jun and other business tycoons, who have certain strength or hope to advance to a higher level, will never miss this wonderful opportunity of the new year. They must be scrambling for red envelopes.

People who rush to get red envelopes are not for showing off their wealth or face, but for gratitude or increasing the cohesion of the team. Their main purpose is to connect with each other and never calculate how much they have lost.


There is a bright future for people who regard giving red envelopes instead of robbing them as the main task of the Spring Festival.

I once read an article written by Wang Lu, called "you must allow others to make a little fortune". It is about the story of two big V's establishing a link.

Wang Lu said that they used to add wechat to each other through middlemen. Later, a cat wanted to go to Beijing and ask Wang Lu to meet. However, they were good at using the payment platform to pay for Wang Lu's consultation and writing.

Wang Lu said that when the two people had an appointment, his attitude was whether to go or not. Because a cat had paid him, he was embarrassed not to go.

After meeting, plagiarist cat didn't ask him about writing. It can be seen that the original intention is not to learn writing, but to establish links and make more friends.

After the two separated, plagiarist cat still seriously wrote a good comment to Wang Lu, and gave Wang Lu a large sum of money for his article.

Wang Lu thinks that he has learned more from plagiarizing a cat than he has learned from himself. Wang Lu said of plagiarizing a cat: "it's very reasonable for such people to get rich."

I was deeply impressed by this article.

I found that a cat is willing to give away his wealth. In order to establish a link with Wang Lu, although he has acquaintances, he still pays and rewards him. Even if Wang Lu thought it was OK to see him or not, he could not think of him in such a way.

Isn't it a smart way to establish links with big names?

I find more and more deeply that if you want to gather wealth, you must give up your wealth.

Because on New Year's Eve, in several groups where I am in, those "big guys" or "big guys" are not in a hurry to grab red envelopes, but desperately give them.

One group of columnists, the group leader sent thousands of yuan of red envelopes, many people grabbed 200 yuan of big bags.

I also received a 188 yuan red envelope sent to me by a boy in 1994. He ran a public account with 500000 fans. I wrote several soft messages to their platform. He paid in a timely manner, and his attitude was excellent. This 188 yuan red envelope made me feel more favorable to him.

If there is a conflict of time between the two platforms, can I not give priority to his home?

No wonder Wang Lu said that it is reasonable for such people to get rich.

Yes, if you want to get rich, you have to give up your wealth.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand this truth, grab the red envelope, just like the meat to the mouth, will not spit out again. In the words of abbess Yi Shu, the posture is too ugly.

Recently, there was a popular article called "the lower the level, the better the face". The author Mu Mu wrote in it that people with high level often have strong goals. They clearly know what they want and know how to get them.

The big guys are only worried that they don't pay enough, but you care about how much money you have collected in total, and the pattern will be realized.

Don't stretch your neck and wait for others to give you a red envelope. Don't miss the big bag and cry. It's really low.

If you continue to do so, you will always be limited to your own level and circle. It is estimated that it is difficult to wait for any big package. Instead of waiting for it there, you should send more.

Author: Li Qingqian

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 The rain shed tears
Three years ago (2017-05-25)

The higher the education, the more you like to pretend to be deep

Dazzle Yi reply:
Ha ha ha
Three years ago (2017-05-25)
Four years ago (2017-02-12)

Is it mainly due to too little hair?

Dazzle Yi reply:
I haven't seen you
Three years ago (2017-05-25)
Gcod reply:
I don't?
Three years ago (2017-05-31)
 Mr. Wu
Four years ago (2017-02-06)

It's a bit absolute, but it's also true.

 Wang xuanzhi
Four years ago (2017-02-06)

After reading this article, I can't help but comment. Bloggers are those who take the red envelope as the main task of the Spring Festival. In order to grab the red envelope, they even open a * *. Some of the viewpoints in this article are quite good. For example, in high-end groups, there is no one who is loyal to snatching red envelopes, and no one talks about such meaningless things as red envelopes...



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