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It doesn't matter. Delete each other

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-01-05) Life experience two thousand three hundred and seventy-seven

Yesterday, when I logged in to wechat, I received a message from a friend. There were only two simple and crude words deleted from each other.

 It doesn't matter, delete each other. JPEG doesn't matter, delete each other's life experience

I click into his circle of friends, and through the ten photos visible to strangers, I vaguely remember that this man was an intended business partner added in an activity to facilitate communication. His name had no remarks, and he didn't even know what each other looked like.


Delete it, and then I removed his portrait from the list. Since each other has never had a bit of friendship, presumably to the other side to "delete" the request, probably also nothing to be embarrassed.


If everyone can inform each other when deleting others, it will save the trouble of having to search the address book and delete those zombie friends one by one. I suddenly want to say thank you to him. Even if we do not have a deep friendship, saying "mutual deletion" is like leaving a "I'm gone" lightly, which can be regarded as a serious farewell.

In recent years, I have added many friends on various occasions. Just like the mood of collecting flash cards when I was a child, I only care about the quantity but not the quality. But many people are basically zero communication after adding friends to each other. It seems that they can't find any reason to disturb even a greeting. Finally, we find that the meaning of our existence in each other's friend list is that we can look at each other's circle of friends and satisfy the desire of peeping into each other's private desires. That's all.


Later, some people quietly deleted you. When one day you accidentally poke into their circle of friends and see a cold horizontal bar, you suddenly seem to understand something, and then you will silently remove the other person's Avatar from the list of friends. After this ceremony, you will become two strangers


In our lives, the number of people we can accommodate is actually quite limited. So we have to clear the circle from time to time and make room for those who are really important to us. You really don't have to make a wide range of friends. You just need to focus on managing the fixed circle around you and deepening the communication and interaction with each other. This is the focus of social interaction.

No matter how many friends there are in wechat, they are just like decorations. When they really need a helping hand, most of them just look on their own situation. She confessed that even if there are more virtual friends on wechat, they are not equal to a few friends in need in reality.

Some time ago, I received messages almost every day to test whether the other party deleted their own. When I first received this kind of news, I would feel bored and would like to delete all of them in the next second. But now, I quite can understand him. If the other party doesn't care about you and delete your friends without saying a word, what do you do with their heads on your friends list?


For me, there are no more than 20 friends who often interact with each other on wechat. Most of them belong to the group that has been unable to speak for years. The reason why many people don't want to delete some friends who have almost no communication with them is that they are afraid that they will miss many important contacts and the messages they post in their circle of friends. As a result, the number of our wechat friends has increased year by year, but few people can truly communicate with each other.


May you have your own circle, don't spend your time on unprofitable social networking, and eliminate those insignificant people in your life. To reduce the burden of one's own social circle can, on the contrary, live a more relaxed life. And for those friends who have no communication in wechat, or even don't want to have any relationship with you, you can reply calmly: "it doesn't matter, delete each other. "

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Four years ago (2017-01-12)

Come on, hurt each other...

Dazzle Yi reply:
Hello, hippo
Four years ago (2017-01-12)
 Maple rain
Four years ago (2017-01-11)

Well, I didn't do anything wrong. Why was I blackmailed

Dazzle Yi reply:
There may be user agent IP brush advertising, but I have set your IP as a white list
Four years ago (2017-01-12)
Four years ago (2017-01-05)

Since I deleted most of the wechat messages in July, now the world is really clean. At the beginning, it was not malicious to send mutual deletion to others. I transferred all the customer's information to another wechat

Dazzle Yi reply:
Recently, I used to use email instead of wechat
Four years ago (2017-01-12)



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