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QQ has been spreading a complaint virus in recent days

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-12-31) Industry trends one thousand three hundred and forty-two

The website address is QQ, and not enter the password.

   QQ has been the first complaint in the industry

 In recent days, QQ has been spreading a complaint of virus industry news No.2

   In fact, the judgment is quite simple =. = That is to say, as long as you enter something casually and log in twice, you can go in without any network verification, and then it will jump to normal security Only this page is fake
You can change the data. Time to a number larger than 2 in the console, and then enter a set of account passwords that meet the rules, such as
one hundred and twenty-three million four hundred and fifty-six thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine
Then, just like logging in, go to to verify that the account password is correct, and there are codes below to judge whether the login is successful, just like this.

The way to judge this kind of fake website is to click all the buttons on the page. I believe he doesn't have so much time. A webpage can be linked with real links. All the jump links below are correct. For example, the forget password button at the bottom of your website can't be clicked.

Then the server of this website was blown up. The server is us IP:

   In recent days, QQ has been spreading a complaint of virus industry news No.3

Then it can't be opened, ha ha ha.

Comment list

 Purity blog
Four years ago (2017-01-04)

How to jump to the blogger's own website~

Four years ago (2017-01-02)

Click on the above URL and jump to the blogger's blog, which makes me think it's the blogger. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Dazzle Yi reply:
Misunderstanding, ha ha
Four years ago (2017-01-03)
 Wang xuanzhi
Four years ago (2017-01-02)

I said a few days ago why some students always sent me complaints

Dazzle Yi reply:
If you send a complaint, ugly refuse!
Four years ago (2017-01-03)
 Maple rain
Four years ago (2017-01-02)

You didn't blow it up, did you

Dazzle Yi reply:
Don't talk nonsense
Four years ago (2017-01-03)



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