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Repair of serial number loss of Meilan Note2

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-12-26) Industry trends one thousand four hundred and eleven

 Mobile phone serial number.jpg magic blue Note2 serial number loss repair industry trends

The first step is to switch to bugme 4.5, because the 5.1 project mode does not have the CDs information option.

The second step is to enter the project mode by inputting * * 3646633 * * * * * in the mobile phone dialing interface

Step 3 select CDs information and select radio information again

Step 4 choose phone 1 or phone 2 to see where your card is inserted

Step 5 delete the original at + in the at + box in the figure, and re write at + egmr = 1,7, "the IEMI code you want to modify is written in this quotation mark" (there must be a space between at and + or there will be an error.) Then click send at command to prompt you to be OK. Restart! Congratulations! Your IEMI code is back.

PS: it is suitable for Meilan Note2. Self test for other models.



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