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To long distance love | everything is fine here, but I miss you very much

Dazzle Four years ago (2016-12-23) Record the past one thousand one hundred and seventy-seven

 Everything is fine here, I just miss you very much. JPG to long distance love | everything is fine here, just want you to record the past

"Long time no see, I miss you again. " I just had dinner. It's getting colder and colder. I'm dressed very thick today. I haven't been exercising recently. I seem to be heavy again. How are you? Did you eat on time? Your dirty clothes are not piled up. I'm here all right, no cold, no trouble, just now, especially miss you. It seems that I have just met you, and I haven't seen you for a long time.


I always can't control to think of you, from the moment I separated from you, I began to think of you. Your eyebrows, your body temperature, your smell, I want to. I miss you in the daytime, in my dream, when I go shopping, I miss you more at home. I want to be the first one to share with you when I'm happy, and I want to run to you when I'm sad.


As soon as I bought each ticket for meeting, I began to look forward to it. I'm looking forward to seeing you. I'm looking forward to seeing you. Before meeting, the waiting is always so long, and the journey seems to be so long. I haven't seen you yet, but my heart has already embraced you.


The days with you are always too fast to make me in a trance and forget myself. But the time on the return ticket always wakes our dream and reminds me to say goodbye to you. Perhaps the station, the airport, these are my life's most hated place, because there are your red eyes, and I am reluctant to part with the mood. Always hug before leaving, but I hope this hug will never be separated.

Do you know what I fear most is when the car is about to leave. I'm afraid one of us is in the car and the other is outside. I'm afraid we'll be separated again, and the date of our next meeting has not been decided. The song is right: "no matter how sweet the phone is, how comforting the fax is, it is not enough to cope with the distance that can't embrace you. "


Your voice on the phone is clearly in my ear, but it seems to be separated from me. I was very moved by the gift, but I couldn't help tears when I was surprised. In fact, I also envy that people can eat together and go home together every day, and that they can hug and kiss when they turn their heads. But I dare not tell you, I am afraid to quarrel with you. Because I know, you can't appear immediately, take my hand, touch my head, comfort me not to be sad.


So the life is not smooth, I bite teeth to hold on, so the emotional grievances I have hidden in my stomach. It's not that I'm really strong and great, but I clearly understand that we must temporarily endure loneliness and separation, and then endure and struggle in our respective cities. For one day, nothing can separate us. It's the distance that makes us want to love each other.



"Long time no see, miss you more than you miss me. " Don't worry. I take good care of myself every day. On the contrary, it's you who eat more when you are hungry and wear thicker clothes when you are afraid of cold. You know I won't dislike you. I'm very busy recently, but I'll have time to do one thing, I miss you.


It seems that every meeting is so hasty and short, I feel like a tired traveler, and you are my home and my motivation. I'm sorry I can't be with you all the time. Looking at the countless lovers in the coming and going crowd every day, I will think of you. In my mind, the appearance of you alone makes my heart ache, and my missing becomes more and more strong.


I like you nest next to me, chatting with me, playing with me, like you walking around suddenly turning your head and giggling at me. No, it's not like a knife for me to enlarge. I'm afraid, too. After I say goodbye to you, I don't know when I can see you again.


It's just that reality doesn't allow me to be a person who only talks about love. I have my responsibilities, I have to do things. It's not that these things are more important than you, but only when I do the things that should be done well, and only when I become strong, can I give you a better life and be with you for a long time.


Sometimes I feel very tired and want to give up. But as soon as I saw the ticket information on my mobile phone, I knew that I would be able to see you soon, I think that the meaning of being away from home is just to be with you better. I don't want to pass on negative emotions to you, and I don't want to show you my bad self. Because I am not a qualified lover, how can I let you worry again?


But please believe me. I'm trying to be better for myself and for our future. Life has made our relationship go through so many hardships, many times we almost give up, but finally we survived. I feel lucky and worth it. I believe that all suffering will be compensated, and I also believe that all sincere feelings will not be let down.




The temporary separation of the two places is for the future. If you are in a long-distance relationship, if you have experienced the pain of parting and the beauty of reunion, then I really hope that you can believe each other's persistence to the end. You have to believe that the ups and downs of the story is more touching, the test of love is stronger.


As long as the heart and heart are interlinked, there will never be a real separation. No matter how lonely, there is no more love. No matter how long you are, you can't miss. One day, when you meet again, you don't have to say goodbye. So, you have to believe, you have to wait. Finally, I wish all the long-distance love can be cultivated as soon as possible. good night.

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 Wen Dong talks about we media
Four years ago (2016-12-24)

Who knows the bitterness of different places, but now I have ended the long-distance love and have a family, ha ha

 Tour charter in Qinghai
Four years ago (2016-12-23)

Long distance love is really hard. How can we do this

Dazzle reply:
It's bitter
Four years ago (2016-12-24)



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