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[windows] U disk antivirus software (usbkiller) - cracked version of registry explosion key

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-12-19) Industry trends two thousand five hundred and seventy-five

 [windows] U disk antivirus software (usbkiller) - explosive key of registration machine - cracked industry news page 1

 [windows] U disk antivirus software (usbkiller) - key to register machine explosion - cracked version of industry news page 2

- efficient killing: completely check and kill 1000 kinds of U disk viruses such as folder virus, autorun.inf, VBS virus, EXE virus, etc;
- U disk immunization: automatically detect and remove the virus inserted into the U disk to prevent the virus from infecting the computer through the U disk;
- automatic recovery: after killing the virus, it can automatically repair the hidden files of U disk and recover system set up;
- unlock the USB flash disk: release the locking state of the U disk, and solve the problem of "unable to stop the device" when pulling out;
- Process Management: allows you to quickly identify and terminate suspicious programs in the system;
- support devices: support mobile hard disk, mobile phone memory card, MP3, MP4, U disk and other devices;
- compatible Software : USB flash disk killing tool compatible with other anti-virus software Can be used together.

USB killer.rar Password: cpys | Size: 4.4m
It's gone security Software testing non-toxic, please feel free to download.

Comment list

 Mu Ruoxi
Four years ago (2016-12-25)

Why, you cracked it?

 ganlian_ six thousand six hundred and sixty-six

What is the decompression password?

Dazzle Yi reply:
Please download again, no need to unzip the password
Four years ago (2016-12-24)
 Lao Jiang's blog
Four years ago (2016-12-20)

Thank you for sharing

 Kaige We Media
Four years ago (2016-12-20)

Thank you very much



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