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Fuck you 2020!

Dazzle Yi 10 months ago (12-31) one thousand six hundred and fifty-two one

  It's not an annual summary, it's not a new year's speech, it's even rubbish.

  But even so, I still want to do something or write something on this day to show the solemn and solemn sense of ceremony.


  Time is just a unit of measurement, but it will make us feel coldly that the year 2020 of dog day will be spent like this.


  In a special year, let's breathe under the mask and isolate at home in the joke of the times.

  What I want to tell you is, no matter whether you have nothing to do this year, or you are still standing still; Whether someone leaves or betrays, the road has to go forward.


  There is a saying in thousand and one thousand seeking: "life is a train to the grave. There will be many stops on the way. No one can accompany you all the way. You will see people coming and going, up and down.


  If you are lucky, someone will accompany you through a period. When this person wants to get off the bus, even if you don't give up, you should be grateful, and then wave goodbye.

  Because, maybe the next stop, there will be another person to accompany you further. "

  You should be kind, sincere and grateful.

  Those who are different from your values and personality, let them go away slowly in the passage of time!

  Loneliness is a person's normal, loss may not last, but the world will be better.

  In 2020, no matter what you gain or lose, when the hour reaches zero this evening, shout out to your mother 2020.

  Or meditation.

  I hope all of you can become better, I hope all of you can realize your dreams, and I hope all of you can make a lot of money.

  Pursue the wind and the moon, don't stay at Pingwu, where spring mountain is at the end.

  Ladies and gentlemen, as long as you are full of hope, you will be invincible.

  In 2020, when you are dying, you will sit up and soar up to 90000 miles. Thanks for your time, you will continue to live for another year.

  Happy new year, everyone.

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