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Central enterprises and state-owned enterprises are not as relaxed as you think, and they should be carefully considered

Dazzle Yi Three months ago (08-31) Life experience two hundred and fifty-seven

Many friends in the Internet industry call going ashore to enter state-owned enterprises and central-owned enterprises, while many people in the system and institutions call joining the Internet industry with high salaries as xiahai. The name is quite interesting. This is really a besieged city. People inside want to come out and people outside want to go in.


Many people who have been on the Internet for a long time have the first impression of SOEs and SOEs that they don't work overtime, nine to five in the morning and relaxed. Is this really the case? I'm afraid not. Therefore, many people expect to find a stable job when they are in their 30s. State owned enterprises and central enterprises are the first choice. I also expected to work on the Internet for a few years to earn some money before going to the state-owned enterprises to "provide for the aged". However, after investigation and understanding, it was found that there is a saying that is quite good: "the ideal is full, the reality is very bony".

In fact, many state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises also work overtime, which is not necessarily easier than traditional Internet enterprises. Many people have not investigated, so they think so.

So, who spread the rumor that SOEs and SOEs don't work overtime? This is not a rumor, because the overall overtime atmosphere of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises is not strong, and the average length of time is far lower than that of Internet enterprises. Therefore, most people who go to the state-owned enterprises feel that they are quite relaxed. However, if you are engaged in technology or business departments, then you belong to the small number of people who work overtime.

In other words, eight of the 10 employees in the state-owned enterprises do not work overtime, and the remaining two people work overtime. If you are engaged in development, your rate is about two tenths of that. But on average, on the whole, the central enterprises do not work overtime. In the Internet enterprise, 8 out of 10 people work overtime, and the remaining two don't work overtime. You belong to four fifths of that overtime. On average, Internet enterprises work overtime.

So, to sum up, don't think that most people are all, and don't ignore that small part of the enterprise. When I was in Baidu before, I found that the beautiful young lady at the front desk always got off work earlier than me. She also worked on the Internet.


Many of the people I know regret it after they go ashore. My daughter-in-law is also in a state-owned enterprise, so I know more about it. This article will not cover specific enterprises. It is more sensitive, but I still want to share the overtime work.

In addition, it is not appropriate to use the word "overtime" to describe various jobs in the past. We do technology and products in Internet enterprises, and Internet enterprises are driven by product business and technology, so we still have a certain position.

But if we go to some companies that are not driven by technology or products, then the status is really low and miserable. If you are a developer, you can't even stand the needs of product managers, let alone those who have no technical background and product thinking.

Moreover, if you go to the state-owned enterprises and central enterprises, the process will be longer. Ppt must be written. Anyway, it is not as easy as you think.

Some words can only be understood but not expressed.


Readers who have read high school all know that there is a method of proof in mathematics called counter proof. We can also apply this theory to the talent market.

We should always believe that the market is always effective, while people are always pursuing profits. If there are really such good places, such as no overtime work, low pressure, and fair wages, why are there so many job vacancies waiting for us and have not been occupied long ago?

Therefore, you should carefully consider the large-scale recruitment and relatively simple interview.

However, we can't say so much about it. There is really a good job with more money and less work close to home, but it can't be found. This kind of post is either related to something, or the academic threshold is too high. For example, after graduation from a top university, we can say that it's really amazing that people who have the ability can eat everywhere.

Another point is the hukou. Hukou is really important. If you are a Beijing student source and you are looking for a job in the imperial capital, you are really happy. Many positions are only open to Beijing students.

For ordinary people, it may really be luck to get a good chance.


If you are really ready to go ashore, you must consider fully before you choose to join an enterprise. How to say that? Because the wages of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises are certainly not comparable to that of the Internet industry, so if you want to live a relaxed life, you must accept the decline in income.

However, jumping from the Internet to a central enterprise will not only lose wages. It is easy to jump in, but also difficult to jump out. At any rate, you can still earn good money on the Internet. Once the state-owned enterprises fail to jump into a good pit, you can only bear it by yourself.

Before job hopping, you must find a reliable person to ask clearly. If the person you ask and you do not work in the same industry or position, then you can only refer to him. For example, a programmer asks a little sister of the front desk to work overtime. What do you think the little sister of the front desk will say?


If we are worried about the lack of money, we will worry about the essence of the day. When we change jobs, whether it's state-owned enterprises or other Internet enterprises, we must avoid those enterprises that say they don't work overtime but actually work overtime.

Generally, the company that claims not to work overtime will talk about feelings. If they don't work overtime, it's normal to have less money. But if you really go into the pit and find that not only do you have to work overtime and pay less, it will be over.

Anyway, I don't think there are any Internet companies that don't work overtime. Instead of joining an enterprise that says it doesn't work overtime but tries to make you "volunteer to work overtime", it's better to go directly to the company that says it's going to work overtime and pay for it. You can work comfortably with how many shifts and pay.


In other words, it is a way to join state-owned enterprises after the age of 35. It is relatively stable with ZF endorsement. If you have a good position, you can still consider it, but you have to endure the loneliness and adapt to various processes. This road is not suitable for everyone, only for those with better economic conditions.

Is it early to join state-owned enterprises? It is estimated that most people can't do it. Those who are too young have no money, and they are too young to support their old age. If they get married later, they will have children and buy property. But the Internet has made enough money for a period of time. If you are too old, other state-owned enterprises do not want you. Do you think this contradiction is not contradictory?

In a word, be careful!

From: the counter attacking Er Pang



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