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A simple code to prevent others from pickling their own web pages

Dazzle Yi 2020-08-03 Technology sharing one thousand six hundred and sixty-five

  This code is more intelligent, can directly protect the entire site, rather than a single page, directly put the code on their own website, if it is Blog It is recommended to put it in the header. If it is a single page, it can be directly put on the home page. You can also create a separate JS file, put the code in it, and then import the JS file

 var   a  = ' retrtrfdcfvvvv'; var   ym  =  window.location; var   ym2  = ' Add the domain name of the website you need to protect, such as without HTTP '; var   ym3  =  String(ym); function   suan(a){ var   re  =  a.substring(0,2); var   tr  =  a.substring(2,4); var   tr2  =  a.substring(4,6); var   fd  =  a.substring(6,8); var   cf  =  a.substring(8,10); var   vv  =  a.substring(10,12); var   vv2  =  a.substring(12,14); re  = ' h'; tr  = ' t'; tr2  =' t'; fd  = ' p'; cf  = ':'; vv  = '/'; vv2  = '/'; var   p  =  re+tr+tr2+fd+cf+vv+vv2; return   p; } if  ( ym3.indexOf(ym2)  == - one  ) { alert(ym2); //   var   av  =  ym3; var   b  =  suan(a)  + ' Add the address that needs to jump if the domain name detection fails. For example, does not add HTTP '  + '/'; window.location  =  b; } </script>



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