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On June 1, be a childish adult!

Dazzle Yi 2020-06-01 Life experience one thousand seven hundred and thirty-three

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  Many adults like to call themselves babies on the day of June 1 and send friends to join in the excitement of children's day. Then there will be a group of people who will come out to ridicule their childishness and make up a lot of jokes. There is a saying that it is really naive for adults to pass 61. But I like this childishness. After all, as a Sociology It's a good thing to have a childish day in a year. Every adult beaten by society is not immature.

  What do you say maturity is? Don't you want money and shame?

  There is no difficulty at all, even if it is an adult instinct.

  But like a child, there is no utilitarian to celebrate children's day for themselves on June 1, which is actually counter instinctive

It's a shame. Because no one will really treat you as a child on this day except yourself. If you buy a gift, it's just the left hand and the right hand. Party A's father will not be more personal because you want to have a holiday today, and the off-duty time will not be five minutes earlier.

  Oh, by the way, today is still Monday. We still have to go to work or go to school. You see, the adult world is full of maturity.


  Thinking about it, many of these adults who celebrate children's day are really humble. At most, they buy themselves a small gift,

Go to KFC. Even if you buy yourself a gift, you'll wonder if it's too extravagant and whether it's better to keep the money.

  So in the end, the so-called Festival is only to join in the circle of friends, make up a few jokes and make some self mockery. In this way, you will be ridiculed as childish, giant baby. You can't answer back. When you answer back, you become the next joke in everyone's mouth.

  In my opinion, childishness is actually a just need of adults. All nostalgia for the past, in essence, stems from dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Every adult who yearns for children's day in his heart is actually very similar. Our ordinary life is boring, boring, boring, day after day, we are full of mind fighting, fighting bravely, for a lot of inexplicable things. So we want to escape, and we actually have the ability to escape. The big thing is to leave, to a walk on the trip, roll over the small loan, squander a, and then become brilliant fireworks. It is said that there are quite a lot of such people in Japan. Takeshi Kitano has made a similar film called "HuaHuo".

  But I can't escape. Because adults never live for themselves, and the consequences of escaping are not just for us to bear.

  Relatives, friends, people you care about, people who care about you, even unfinished projects, work in hand, these responsibilities are all in

Stop us from really escaping from life. So in the end, we chose an impossible way to escape. We had a children's day on June 1, pretending that time could go back. We were still children. Can time go back? Of course not. After all, quantum wave and time management are monopolized by a few people. That's why we hate Mr. Sun and Mr. Luo.


  Since you can't escape, it's not a mistake to pretend to escape. On this day, we can have a little bit of fantasy, from the cold life that we can't get rid of for a moment. Even if this moment passes, our life will not change in any way. Even on June 2, the world of trivial and tired adults will soon follow. Even on June 1, your black hearted boss may not let you leave work early, and sand sculpture Party A may still be blocking you. But that's enough.

  It's like an old farmer who has been working in the field for a whole day, then squatting on the ridge and sipping a sip of water, feeling dry

There was a chill in my hot throat.


He knew, of course, that the sun would not cool down because of the coolness, and that the hoe was still waiting for him.

So what? Don't you drink water?

  Human beings, in fact, are living for the sake of this coolness. Since I want to go back to childhood, is childhood necessarily beautiful?

Not necessarily. Maybe at that time, my family was still very poor, far from the rich material conditions and enjoyment now; There may not be any delicious food to eat, and entertainment is not as rich as it is now. If you really let you back to seven or eight years old, maybe you don't really want to. At least when I went through my nephew's primary school textbook during the Chinese new year, I deeply felt that I was actually a mentally retarded person. Thank my parents for giving birth to me a few years ago. Otherwise, I might not even find a job if I compete with the young people now. Of course, maybe I can make a big splash by swallowing Ollie raw.

  In the era when there was no smart phone, no wireless network and no B station, today these people in the circle of friends say that children's Day is a happy adult

Most people go crazy if they don't stay for a week.

  But what we feel beautiful is not the life as a child, but the people around us at that time.

In fact, I would pretend to be a child on children's day and ask for gifts with my colleagues. At that time, I didn't think of it

It's a gift, but a lot of childhood memories.

  Sometimes when I come home for the Spring Festival, I wonder how people can grow old so quickly.

  Maybe one day a generation of children will never know what a sewing machine is, and their childhood will be the same as I have experienced

as like as an apple is to an oyster.

  But perhaps as long as we pretend to be a child, those memories can always stay in the long river of time, will not forget, also

It won't fade.


  Memories can travel through time.

One day, you see those 25-year-old vegetables in the circle of friends sent a KFC children's set meal in the circle of friends

What I think of is not ridicule, but my childhood. That KFC was the same year of high-end catering. You know that you are about to be 30 years old, but when you comment on children's day, you suddenly return to the age of seven or eight

One night.

  Growing up is a process of gradual domestication, and also a process of slowly realizing that you are not the center of the world and being hammered away by life

The process of fantasy. Looking back on our childhood, we can find that the driving force of all our behaviors at that time was actually instinct.

Homework is because you can play when you finish your homework. You are waiting for the bell when you are in class.

  But adults are not allowed to do so, we need to show restraint, rationality, long-term vision, can not chase short-term joy


  Otherwise, it is childish.

  Of course, that's right. The adult world is full of rules.

  But sometimes I feel a little disappointed, because we are not as happy as we thought when we were children.

In childhood, we are full of fantasy and hope for everything in the future, and believe that we will be happier when we grow up.

The imagination at that time was very simple——

When you become an adult, you can afford to buy your favorite toys and play with them every day.

It's just like when I was a kid, I loved the contra, even though I didn't own it game Machine, also can go to rub neighbor elder brother every day

Brother's little bully. Later, on children's day, I bought a second-hand bully on the Internet and played a soul fight again. But little overlord is still that little overlord, but I can't be happy all day because of a game machine. The world is so funny that we don't find ourselves half right until we are no longer children. Now we really can afford all the toys we once thought about, but the focus of life is no longer happiness


  We are not happy in our lives.

  But life is about playing with us.

  In fact, I'm not fat. I'm just puffed up by life.


  Adult life is very complicated. First of all, we have to find a way to survive in this world and satisfy all kinds of desires.

We want too much. Happiness seems to be just the one at the bottom of the list. Even we are telling ourselves that it is the right thing to achieve our goal by suppressing happiness.

  Of course, it's true, but at the same time we work very hard, but we're not happy, and that's true. When we want a video game, we don't have one. When we hold switch liver, we want something else. I want to get this precious treasure, go to the circle of friends to show off my disgusting coworkers.

  Children are easy to be satisfied, even if there is no video game, the bully who rubbed against his neighbor's brother is equally happy. But adults are not the same, we always can not, and are not willing to be satisfied with the life in front of us. Like a donkey pulled by a carrot hanging on its nose, we hesitate to move forward and imagine a happy ending ahead.

But we may never get what we want, and we are always troubled by the fact that we can't get what we want. Being an adult is not an instant thing, but a process of turning around slowly. When we went from children to adults, the child we had was not dead, nor disappeared. Under the urging of life, we keep moving forward, and he just stands there quietly, like an anchor of memory.

  He was left behind, along with those memories, abandoned in the past time.

But as long as you like, that child can come back at any time, because he is actually you, you are two sides of the same body. Choose in children's day, happy point, wanton point. It's like going to the nursery to pick up a child who has just finished school. When he comes to the door of memory, he squats down and hugs his past self. You say to the child, I'm sorry I'm late.

  He didn't blame you, just gently raised his hand and stroked the bruises left on your face after being beaten by life. What did you want to say? You wanted to tell him about your grievances over the years.

But at the end of the day, you just said, nothing, this is life. The adult world has been very unhappy, but we still have to live well.


(photo from: Yangzhi Yisi)

  Wish every one of you Unhappy adults can be happy on children's day.

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