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After the wave! The world's fireworks, the most soothing people's hearts!

Dazzle Yi Two months ago (05-24) Life experience two hundred and thirty-three

After watching the speech video "houlang" in station B, do you still think you are houlang?

Do you think houlang in houlang talks about you? Joke, don't be sentimental. You are leeks at most. No, leeks are not.

The beggars in Jin Yong's works are not eager to beg for food every day, but they always want to fight for justice and defend the great song dynasty. They never think about the reason why they have no fixed place to live, the prices are soaring, and what causes them to be so poor. However, they are always thinking about the death of golden dogs. They are afraid that after the great Song Dynasty is destroyed, they will not become beggars. It's hard to laugh or cry!

It's really a good idea to take a parachute diving car in Paris!

When Wang Shi talks about his first pot of gold, he often mentions his corn sales in Shenzhen, but there is one detail that is very intriguing. Wang Shi found that corn from the north of China had to be transported from Hong Kong to the south, and the price went up. If you could directly transport corn from the north to Shenzhen, you could earn a lot of price difference. So Wang Shi ran to Guangdong Shipping Bureau and asked them to open up the northern route. But Wang had no money in his hand, so he asked the other party to deliver the goods first, and then settle the account after half a year. If he is just a poor child, who will pay attention to him? But he is the son-in-law of the Secretary of the provincial Party committee. All this is different. From April to December in 1983, Wang Shi made more than 3 million yuan. "This is the first pot of gold I dug in the sea. It's clean." Wang Shi was very proud to mention it.

The ethos of the world has changed, and the reason for the change is that the Post-70s and the post-80s occupy Sociology The thoughts and opinions of the majority of the backbone. They despise people who earn money by physical strength or technology, so they instill this idea into their descendants, such as: if you don't study hard, you can only plant the land, sweep the streets, move bricks at the construction site, work for people, etc They don't think it's good for them to work for a long time. Even a calling profession can decide many things. For example, would you like to marry a civil servant or a railway worker? Even if the salary is the same, the appearance difference is not big. Many girls' families will force their children to choose the civil servant. In other words, if you want to praise money and improve the importance of money, in other words, it sounds good, but only if you have money is the king's way. That's why the young plasterer in Tuan Tuan hair dare not marry a wife. The elders, who think that the luxury, enjoyment and leisure life is good (of course, I think it's good) began to advocate this kind of life. You advocate that you like it, no problem. I also like it if you say so, but can you not belittle other professions? Migrant workers, construction workers, express delivery brother and so on have become a kind of ridicule and satire. If you give your occupation a high or low status, you're better off eating public food than doing anything else. I don't understand. Young people in other occupations do not steal or rob. They rely on themselves to support themselves. Why should we belittle them? There's nothing wrong with back waves, because that's what they want you to see and make you. It's just like the parents who eat it all the time. The intention is the same. It's just the back wave of their dreams. But many times, a person who has a dream again has to bow to the reality. The sky is full of stars, of course, but as long as you are still on the road, you have to lower your head, take advantage of the starlight to recognize the road and step by step.

I really want to pull out the photographer of "houlang" and beat it violently, and then kick it from beishangguangshen to the poor mountainous area!

You can check the current social main force after 90, the number of people with a college degree or above, the number of people with a college degree or above, and the number of people whose current work and education are completely inconsistent. Check the current treatment of these people, and then go to watch the video houlang after checking. You can realize how disgusting this video is.

Compared to a bowl of chicken soup approved by the government media, it is not too much. The whole video sprint is full of capital breath, or to be more precise, it is petty bourgeoisie. This is the so-called "survivor bias"! Nowadays, more "back waves" are running for the blessing of 996, and more "back waves" are just tossing in the ditch of "front wave", which is biased to beautify the life style of contemporary youth. Society should listen to the voices of more other classes, rather than deceive themselves with generalizations.

What is afterwave?

Houlang is a worker, a farmer, a fisherman and a seaman. He is a young man who is in pain and a young man who has dropped out of military service. He is the bottom people who have been crushed by the times.

  Their lives come from the soil, rivers, construction sites, assembly line screws, used motorcycles after work; from migrant workers and Spring Festival transportation, from crops and poultry, from vague local accent and burial, from the marriage of villagers, from drinking and raising, from retrogressive life and excessive sorrow, their lives come from shaking sound, quick hand, B station and post bar, and then drown In a world of consumerism that dazzles them.

Long live the people.

I was represented. I'm beautiful. My comment was deleted. I was actually said: I have the right to choose! Houlang, which is divorced from the masses, I bah!

The world's fireworks, the most touching people's hearts.

We are back wave (×)

It's our hind legs

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