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[windows] unlock music music music source code

Dazzle Yi Five months ago (04-27) Share opportunities three hundred and fifty-three

Source code introduction

This program can use your browser online (do not need the network) to unlock QQ music, Netease cloud and other encrypted song files.

Source screenshot

 Unlock music music source code.jpg [windows] unlock music music music source code sharing

Functions & Features

Unlock in browser

Drag and drop files

Play online

Batch unlock

Progressive web application


Supported formats

QQ music (. Qmc0 /. Qmc2 /. Qmc3 /. Qmcflac /. Qmcogg /. TKM)

Moo music format (. Bkcmp3 /. Bkcflac)

QQ music TM format (. Tm0 /. TM2 /. TM3 /. TM6)

New format of QQ music (experimental support). MFLAC


Netease cloud music format (. NCM) completes the ID3 information of NCM

Shrimp music format (. XM) (test phase)

KuWo format (. KWM) (test phase)

Cool dog music format (. KGM) (alpha test)

GitHub( Software Download)  



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