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[Android] free fish to open screen advertising tutorial

Dazzle Yi Five months ago (04-27) Share opportunities two hundred and eighty-two

First of all, we should spit out the idle fish. It used to be the conscience application of Ali system. Now, ah, it's hard to say. The play version has also added open screen advertising, which has not been updated for a long time. Moreover, many functions, such as the price reduction news, can not be seen, so it is forced to use the domestic version.

In fact, the method is very simple. On the premise that you have root permission, you can use the re Manager / mt manager to set the permissions of the folder in the / data / media / 0 / Android / data / directory to 0.

 Screenshot_ 2020-04-27-11-54-44-362_ From the early transplanting of flowers and trees, the purification of the great sage, or the use of tools such as xposed edge to replace the advertising page, to the light start of the fire, there are always limitations, such as the black screen, for example, you can still see some advertising pages (although it quickly jumps over). In fact, the fundamental method is to start from the application itself, make a simplified version by yourself, or do not give permission, that is, the above method.

No way is the best. I like it and I'm willing to make a little fuss about it. I recommend starting from the source, and I can't get rid of it to find applications such as light start.



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