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A simple and practical Google lock cracking method you may never see

Dazzle Yi 2020-02-13 Industry trends six thousand three hundred and twenty


    Recently, the epidemic situation is so serious that I'm really bored to stay at home. Every day, I see all kinds of packages recommended. So I started itching and my addiction to brush the machine came back. So I immediately downloaded a package of pixel experience (this package was transplanted by pixel4, an unofficial PE, but the method is fully applicable). After that, I started the backup and started the machine at one go, but there was a problem, I forgot to return my Google account last time when I used to brush the class. As a result, a beautiful little lock [masochistic] appeared in the upper left corner. So I planned to use the method I found out a year ago to untie the lock. Now I will share it with you. Multi picture warning! You can watch it quickly.

Note: this method must log in to your Google account before you are locked. If you forget the account, it may be a bit troublesome!

  As you can see, now we come to the welcome interface. There is a small lock in the upper left corner. Remember the emergency call in the lower left corner


  Now let's start by connecting to a WiFi


  After connecting, we will return to the welcome interface again, click the emergency call in the lower left corner, and then it will be like this


  Then we click the first aid information twice, and then we click on the red pen circled in the picture


  And then it's like this


  We click on the portrait, and then click to select the image to go to the file management. Click the three points in the upper left corner to display this interface. After that, we long press the part of the photo album in the picture, which has been marked with a red circle


  Then we enter the application information of the album


  Click permissions


  Click location information


  Click to see all the apps for this permission, and then it goes like this


  Click chrome, and then click to view all permissions for chrome


  Next, we click on the chrome icon, which has been circled


  We will come to the chrome settings interface. Click open to download a scientific Internet app from the browser. We suggest that you backup it to an app before swiping it, and then install it directly in chrome and open the link. I originally sent him to QQ friends, and then I downloaded and installed QQ. After entering his chat window, there are still sending records, I will directly download the installation link, according to your specific situation to do, here omitted


  After we open and connect, we all the way click the return arrow in the navigation bar to return to the unfinished welcome interface, and then we can complete the setting of the welcome interface according to the prompt. We can see that the old checking update has become installing the update, because we can now connect to Google and the upper right corner of the status bar


  This place doesn't have to wait a long time, about a minute. Finally, I'll attach some pictures later


PS: you don't have to enter the location information permission. You can also enter other permissions, but after all, the location permission covers a wide range of applications, so I chose the location permission. You can click three points in the upper right corner of the interface to view the permissions of all applications, and then click display system Application, enter the system's own file app installation, the premise is that you must first transfer a scientific Internet installation package in the third-party rec, or you can only go to the browser to find it

Pro test havoc OS this method is not applicable, because when you enter the page of emergency contact function, you will be prompted to complete the mobile phone settings before you can use the emergency contact function. You will not be able to edit the contact's Avatar. This method is normally used on pe10, 9 should be the same, and other classes have not tried

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Lao Ge Niu PI plus


Lao Ge Niu PI plus


It's saved!


fierce!!!! Really useful! thank!!!


fierce!!!! Really useful! thank!!!


6666, it worked



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