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Don't live in the comments of others

Dazzle Yi 2020-02-13 Life experience five hundred and fifteen

  Many people say to listen to the majority, refer to the opinions of a few and make their own decisions.

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  But sooner or later, you will understand that it is enough to refer to the opinions of a few people and make your own decisions.

  Because most people don't even have the most basic common sense. They are self contradictory, logically confused, and their views can't stand scrutiny at all. Moreover, the more ignorant people are, the more they believe that their opinions are valuable (especially things that seem to have no threshold).

  In order to maintain the input of high-quality information sources, the first step is to cultivate the ability to remove the noise and garbage information, and then to screen out the useless information. Anyone has to admit that the vast majority of people in the world are ordinary people. If they want to be accepted by the majority of people, think in the same way, and do the "right" thing in their cognition, the final result is not to be looked up to, but to be ignored by the world.

  The way of thinking of the public may not be wrong, and the way of thinking different from the public may not be correct, but for anyone who wants to be looked up to, it is inevitable to resist unreasonable conventions.

  Light makes the blind.



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