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"It can't change the world, but it can't be changed by the world". Now, five years ago, the promise that was heard everywhere is now ridiculous.

I hope you will be away from your home for half a year.




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    •  Hyun Yi
      Hyun Yi [] 2017-12-22 19:27:59  Reply

      @Clarke Well, thank you for your comments. I have already opened the right button.

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      @ Xin Xin In fact, I started using emlog for 14 years. I contacted zblog only this year. Later I backed up the original data, and later I didn't have the courage to import the original data into this new blog, so I started again.

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    Clarke [] @ reply

    The experience of bloggers is legendary. And I saw another theme changed by bloggers.

    •  Hyun Yi
      Hyun Yi [] 2016-12-16 12:33:34  Reply

      @Clarke It not only changed the theme, but also emptied the previous blog posts.