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Is the winter of personal blog on behalf of personal records coming?

Dazzle Yi A year ago (2019-11-02) Industry trends six hundred and thirty-seven

Last month, Alibaba cloud tencent At that time, we didn't pay attention to the cloud when it was checking and filing, because we were regular stations and thought that this was a routine annual inventory work.

However, by this month (October 2019), some netizens said that they were all shot in dozens of websites. The reason for the violation is that they do not meet the requirements of personal filing, and the content you publish can only be done by enterprise filing. As shown in the figure below:

 Is the winter of personal blog on behalf of personal records coming? Industry news page 1

At the same time, several other bloggers who have known the record in Sichuan also made such announcement.

 Is the winter of personal blog on behalf of personal records coming? Industry news 2

As a result of the assault on the Ministry of information technology, the final result is the personal information department examination This time, many of Sichuan's personal webmasters have been recruited and have taken temporary measures to close the website.

Therefore, comprehensive our own situation and some other webmaster friend's problems, we can see that the Sichuan area strict investigation of personal filing is not aimed at the website security The problem of violation is the type of website filing and the content of website articles. In short, if the website filing is personal, your website has no right to publish some contents. Moreover, you need to modify your website filing type in time, otherwise the website filing will be cancelled.

Is this just the beginning? Is it an individual on behalf of an individual Blog Is winter coming?

Therefore, all webmasters must plan in advance when filing in the future. At present, the webmasters who have registered websites in Sichuan need to modify them in time to avoid website problems and toss back and forth. Of course, if the host computer is overseas, it doesn't matter!

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Four months ago (08-04)

The censorship is getting more and more strict. If you don't just look at it in the future, it's no problem. It's too difficult for the individual webmaster to move abroad



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