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Put on the Golden hoop curse, the child can not become the monkey king

Dazzle Yi A year ago (2019-11-01) Life experience five hundred and thirty-seven

Thanks to the major mobile phone manufacturers, the word black technology is almost rotten.

A variety of magic companies under the banner of black technology in the operation, first to cheat investors' money, investors do not have money, then began to cut consumer leeks.

After a few rounds, no matter how fertile the leek fields are, they can't stand the harvest of black technology. In recent years, consumers have been cut to seven or eight times.

Investors don't invest, consumers don't buy, but it's impossible to work as a part-time worker. The black tech people have a plan and put their brains on the children.

After all, no matter how poor you are, you can't have poor education, no matter how hard you are, can you give your children something to learn from, can you call it IQ tax?

No matter how many sand sculptures are, as long as they are linked to children, they can harvest the last steel crowns in parents' pockets.

I'm a real teacher.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

A while ago, quantum wave speed reading fire, a child avatar human flesh electric fan swept around, looking at the exciting picture, I can't help but worry about the children catching cold.

As we all know, fans can't blow in the face.

Recently, a more magical hardware product than quantum speed reading is on fire again. It is called brain computer interface head ring.

 Monkey King's second curse

According to the product introduction, in a simple way, it can be worn on the head to monitor people's brain concentration, and make a calculation based on the detected data to give the corresponding light color.

It can also automatically send the monitoring results to the mobile app, make a relevant analysis and make a report.

At present, the main application scenario is to wear it on children's head to monitor their attention in class and homework. Once the color of the light is wrong, teachers and parents should carry out targeted education.

It looks like this after you take it.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

There are many colors of lights, just like traffic lights.

It's white when not connected, red when focused, orange when focused, blue when relaxed.

If I were a teacher, I might feel like a DJ, playing on the stage of a nightclub, watching a pile of lights flashing.

The left hand draws a dragon with me, and the right hand draws a rainbow.

You can feel it.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

Although this brain interface sounds full of sand sculpture.

But do you have to say that this device is as thoroughly a liar as quantum speed reading? In particular, many multimedia teachers have stepped on the ground with 10000 feet.

To be honest, No.

Brain interface itself is really a research direction in the current academic field, and has been applied in many scenarios.

The principle of brain computer interface equipment exists, and brain wave monitoring is also a hot field in the international academic field, and the boss of this company is indeed Xueba identity, and he is a big bull in brain computer interface field.

The team is also well-known. The brainwave prosthesis made before has a very good evaluation. It is one of the few serious teams in the industry.

Although Harvard looks like Harbin Buddhist College, they are not liars.

Of course, although this equipment team is not a liar, but does not prevent this thing is actually useless.

The concept of a sword is similar to that of a sword, which is similar to that of a sword.

What's more, it's recommended to give back to your alma mater and Harvard to use it first.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

There are three main application scenarios of BCI.

First, it is used in the hospital to cooperate with the monitoring and treatment of some mental diseases.

Second, it is applied to various high-end laboratories for pioneering research.

The third is the concentration training applied to specific professions (this is actually more metaphysical), such as racing.

At least, I have to pay attention to a variety of devices in my laboratory, which is at least the same as my wife's equipment.

And even that kind of professional equipment can not guarantee that it is 100% effective every time. The experimental conditions and control variables are very strict, and the science pays attention to the accuracy.

In the news, there are only three contact electrodes in the news, which means that it is extremely vulnerable to interference.

In principle, there is no guarantee that the collected data is accurate and effective. If the data collection is not accurate, how can we draw accurate conclusions?

What's more, professional brain computer equipment is often tens of thousands of units, if this 3500 piece brain computer interface equipment is useful, it is really a ghost.

This year's Nobel Prize lost a great general. This is the darkest moment in the history of human science.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

And then I took a closer look at the principle.

This device uses EEG transmission, and the transmission of EEG signal itself will be affected by various external factors. Hair length, sweating degree and surrounding electromagnetic wave may lead to transmission deviation. Installing 5g base station around may affect transmission.

And the relevant attention algorithm, the whole industry has no recognized standard.

In other words, the product principle of this thing does not have the ability of standardization for the time being.

Not to mention the principle, the equipment is also full of loopholes in practical application, which makes people laugh.

In terms of this concentration monitoring, red represents concentration.

There is a problem with sand sculpture.

Let's not say whether they have any problems with the definition of concentration (in fact, these three electrodes represent unreliable), but on a simple question, how can the device know what the students are focusing on?

Focus on classroom content is also focus, focus on mobile phone is also focus, focus on small yellow text is also focus, focus on thinking about chicken eating tips, focus on staring at a flying mosquito, is also focus.

As long as you use your brain and focus on one thing, the brain is in a state of concentration. The machine can recognize the state and can't distinguish what you are focusing on. So what's the use of this thing?

In fact, children play game When the red light is the most flashing, because we focus on the game.

And if all of a sudden the children are not focused, it may be that the teacher is telling a story and wants to play a disc.

A group of red headed children, you think they are listening carefully, in fact, they may want to beat you after school, are seriously thinking about the plan.

Cyberpunk, cyberpunk.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

In the final analysis, the emergence of this sand sculpture equipment is the parents' psychological imbalance and the subconsciousness of not treating their children as human beings.

Many parents say they love their children, but they don't love them.

Think about it. If such a small child has to be monitored with this sand sculpture equipment, will he pay attention? What kind of harm will the natural distrust and monitoring pressure cause to the child's body and mind?

I dare not not to concentrate, for fear that the lamp will change color, or be known by parents. There is no freedom, no space and no right to choose.

What's the difference between this and mining in a black brick kiln?

A personality that has been monitored in this way since childhood is bound to have psychological hidden dangers after growing up.

Most of all, it will also have a specific rebellious psychology for parents and schools.

The child may not say it, but it must be felt.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

Don't say that for the sake of children's good, adults should learn to transpose their own thinking.

If you go to work, the boss requires all the staff to wear a headband, always monitor your state, if there is any abnormality, immediately inform the boss to correct and deal with it, what will you feel?

Working hard is red, relaxing is blue, sleeping is white.

After that, you suddenly found that the red color of the toilet was changed from one person to another.

The boss suddenly found that a person's color changed from blue to white, and killed with a large group of people. He found that he was too tired and faint in the process of urinating. After that, he installed a device in the urinal pool. After that, it rained directly. The water could be directly used from the toilet. Self production and self-sale were not wasted. It was everyone's responsibility to save water.

The boss suddenly found that the color of the top ten employees changed rapidly, which was a little abnormal. He took a large team of people to kill them. He found that the reason was that his wife had been cheating because he had worked too long. So the color changed from red to green, and his hat turned green. Then the marriage turned yellow, and the color changed from green to yellow, and finally turned white, and he was very angry.

The boss was very moved and praised him.

Looking back in the mirror, I found myself green.

This scenario may not be impossible in the future.  

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

The essence of this kind of monitoring is very malicious, but what's more malicious is that I see many parents commenting that they can only persevere in the interests of their children's academic achievements and their children's education.

These children are really unlucky. They only have this kind of sand sculpture parents in their lifetime. They must have owed their phone bills when they were born.

No, no, no, no, I'm not saying that parents will stay in the future for the sake of their children Sociology We all know the cruelty of social competition.

I'm just saying, they have holes in their brains.

First of all, it's useless. Suffering is also suffering in vain, and it can't really improve performance. What is said in the news to improve performance? I asked if there was a controlled experiment and whether there were control variables? It's been taught in junior high school.

Secondly, if this thing is really useful, it is also used by all of us. Finally, it raises the score line. When we all use it, it is useless.

This thing did not want to understand, just a tiger mother wolf father, really brain did not evolve.

Bad luck for the kid.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

If the company's large-scale monitoring of the human body is illegal, it will be applied to the monitoring of the human nature in the workplace.

Moreover, this kind of attention data is still very serious personal biological privacy data. Theoretically, it has higher priority than fingerprint, voiceprint and face. Every adult is worried about his privacy all day long. How can he not worry about his children?

But this kind of radiation is greater, and there is a risk of privacy. If the headgear is worn directly on the children, some people think it is for the sake of the children.

what do you mean? Do you play this 6? Don't do to others what you don't want to do to others? Did you go to primary school? Don't you treat children as people?

Oh, by the way, it looks like a Golden hoop curse. It looks like the monkey king on your head.

Love is playing with children as monkeys? How about a monkey?

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

Sometimes I deeply feel that many parents do not really treat their children as an equal person.

But as a tool, an electronic pet, a vent of their own failed life.

No, I'm not saying that parents don't love their children. The high price of School District Housing fully demonstrates the parents' desire and love.

Parents really love their children very much and are willing to pay for their children. The starting point is no problem, but the implementation is always crooked.

The problem is that I don't know how to deal with the children correctly.

A is not the input of the machine B.

Love is love, but respect is more important than love.

The most basic way to get along with children is to treat them as people and equal people.

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

There are a lot of ridiculous things.

Some parents are addicted to short videos and games one by one, but they think that their children can persevere and concentrate, and the best thing is to love learning. The rest is floating clouds.

Some parents have no intelligence to crush their peers, but they have to ask their children to be the first in everything. Can you repair your gene mirror first.

Some parents don't have a good salary for their education, but they have to ask their children to fight for a golden Boulevard. If they peck at each other, the Phoenix will appear? What's up?

Don't talk about Rural Phoenix. It's because the older generation didn't have access to education. It's not stupid.

Some parents insult and scold the old people every day, but they still expect their children to be filial to themselves. Do you believe that when they are old, they will cover your head with one?

Even my favorite teacher C knows that becoming a basketball superstar requires a pioneer to be an intern and learn rap. How can these people who laugh at teacher C not know?

Many moral kidnappings can be disguised as love, and many sand sculpture devices are powered by love.

Raising pigs and chickens should be verified. How can we not raise children?

 If you put on the Golden hoop curse, the child will not become the monkey king

Finally, I would like to say that moral kidnapping is the most shameless act.

Only the weak can cast all their expectations on the next generation, while the strong only look for reasons in themselves.

The real strong all strive to solve problems in their own generation.

They can't solve many problems, even if they can't force the next generation to solve them.

If you put on the Golden hoop curse, you can't become the monkey king.

We should know that before the monkey king wears the mantra, he is the sage of heaven.

What's more, the world is that most people are ordinary people. If they can accept their common destiny, why are they really strong?

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