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Why do early entrepreneurs not touch the platform?

Dazzle Yi A year ago (2019-10-02) Industry trends five hundred and sixty-five

Entrepreneurs need to have platform thinking. Many Internet entrepreneurs have a platform dream, but most entrepreneurs are not suitable for platform. There are three reasons for this:

1. The cost is too high. What is a platform? Connect the upstream, connect the downstream and provide services. Whether connecting the upstream or connecting the downstream, the cost of acquiring customers is usually not low. If there is no certain resources and funds to guarantee, it is basically useless.

2. Business pressure. Because the construction and operation and maintenance of the platform will consume a lot of expenses, so the founders need to have a certain profitability in the same period, and the poor profitability of start-up enterprises will directly lead to project failure.

3. The team is unstable. Entrepreneurs in the start-up stage will encounter many problems. The team problems brought by partners and talents often trouble the founders. When the team is not completely stable, it will be a great test for the team to build a platform rashly when it encounters various platform problems.



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