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My understanding of Chinese parents

Dazzle Yi 2019-10-02 Life experience one thousand five hundred and twenty

 My understanding of parents.jpg my understanding of Chinese parents' life

Make up a story first.

  He said that there was a poor family whose house was leaking. If it didn't make up for it, it would leak in rainy days. However, the family had only fifty yuan left, which was not enough to mend the house seriously. The master thought about it and got a headache. Finally, he prepared to spend 50 yuan on paper and paste. When buying, the clerk asked what he wanted to do when he bought these things. The owner said that he wanted to mend the house. The clerk was shocked and said, "this is not good. Once the paper is wet by rain, the leakage still needs to be leaked, and it can't be mended.". The host was very unhappy and asked, "is it really useless?". The conversation was heard by the shopkeeper. How could the business fly? He rushed out and said, "it's useful, useful. This paper is very strong. It was used by councilor Tianwang to paste the windows." The host was overjoyed and said to the man, "I said it's waterproof. You don't know anything. What nonsense are you talking about here?" Then he went home satisfied with the paper and paste.

  If the owner of the house carefully investigate, really do not realize that paper can not repair the house? No, normal people can still figure it out if they think about it a little bit.

  Why didn't the owner's family believe the truth of the man and was cheated by the shop owner? Because he had only fifty dollars in his hand, but the house was leaking, and he had to do something. Although he could not do anything in fact, the suffering of waiting was too hard to bear. In order to get rid of this uncomfortable state, he must take action and convince himself that the action is effective. It's not so much that the shopkeeper cheated him, it's better that he went to the street to find someone to cheat him.

  Whether it's a paper paste or a waterproof mantra, as long as someone comes out to pat his chest and promises that as long as 50 yuan will never leak next time it rains, he will definitely spend the money. To buy peace of mind is to deceive oneself.

  Some parents have limited knowledge level and limited energy to invest in their children, but at the same time they feel anxious that they have not given their children the education they should have.

  People can't be in anxiety for a long time. They have to do something. At this time, it is good for children to listen to what is good to learn. These parents, no matter some parents or the elderly in the family, have no ability or mind to think about it carefully. Anyway, others have said that it is good for their children to learn.

  They don't know what to learn. They don't do research. They just want to take an easy action. They just want to find someone to swear, "don't worry about it. Learning this will work." then they can point their children in that direction, and finally they can lie down and have a good sleep. This set of deception, one is willing to fight, the other is willing to suffer subconsciously, so it's on fire.

   Some people educate children to educate them; Some people educate their children because others are doing it, and they have to do something with it, in order to be at ease.

  We always use "self deception" on children, "homework is all blind, things have not learned, self deception!" Have we ever thought that many parents are deceiving themselves? They never really care about their children's psychological condition, learning difficulties and mental state. Anyway, others send them to extracurricular classes to learn this and that. We have to give them away. We have to be the best parents of the year. We have done a lot of things.

  Most of the parents who teach their children to learn this and that are such a mental process.

  In fact, the parents who sent their children to Yang Yongxin almost meant that. These parents either have limited cognitive level, or they are selfish and indifferent. In short, they feel that their children are hopeless, but they do nothing, and they can't get through psychologically. At this time, someone jumps out and says, "you have worked hard as a parent, so don't worry about it. Send me the money here. You are a good parent. Leave it to me. You can use electricity and electricity."

  What's really fascinating is not "electricity is good", not "good", but "send me here, you will do your duty as a parent".

  In ancient times, there were things that people paid money to donate to officials. They spent money to buy a title, but they didn't have any real power. They just enjoyed themselves. modern Sociology There are no fewer people who want to pay for titles, or for self suggestion.

  “ As long as XXX, you are a good parent / will succeed / can live a long and healthy life ".

    Guess how many people carry sacks of money every day waiting to buy these three sentences?

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Generation after generation almost all grew up like this, I don't know what will happen in the future



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