The brain is so good that everything is earned.

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Have you ever wondered why some people can't do anything? They can't earn money in any particular business. Interest has changed and changed. The draught has been chasing and catching up. In the end, time is spent, energy is spent, money is spent, and this is not done. I can't do it two times at a time, and I can make excuses for myself. But if this is always the case, I have to start my own business with the team for a number of years, and I have a little bit of insight. There's no strategy in mind, so I can't talk about it. Don't rush to take it out of context for me. You know, I didn't mean that. &nbs

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Have you ever wondered why some people can't do anything?

Interest has changed and changed. The draught has been chasing and catching up. In the end, time spent, energy spent and money spent.

I can't do it two times at a time, and I can make excuses for myself.

But what if it always happens?

I have started my own business with the team for a number of years.

Some people are not competent enough. They are brain problems.

There's no strategy in mind, so I can't talk about it.

Don't rush to quote me out of context. You know, I didn't mean that.
I just feel very sorry that we always encounter such a situation in our work and life. If you are a leader, your subordinates always make mistakes, and you will probably repeat your complaints.

"Why do you not understand such a simple truth?"

"Why do you make many mistakes in such a basic job?"

I guess many times your inner OS is: too stupid, so stupid.

I advise you to relax first. You can't say he is stupid. You can only say that his brain is not evolving properly, and his brain is not good enough.

From the perspective of employees, I really understand the sense of powerlessness of employees. Leaders tell you about a task that you want to complete, even if they are more than deadline, but the quality of their turn up is poor, and they all feel rubbish.

We take good care of the logic behind this matter. Why do some people who are in the same job are procrastinating are just troublesome, that is, they can't do well. Is it his poor executive ability? Is he lazy?

No, I don't think so.

We have to say that a person can not perform well, so he should not be able to perform at any level of execution, but it happens that he is just not enough at work. I think he is fighting. Game It is very hard to carry out these things, such as staying up late and falling in love.

Is he not competent enough?

From a tool level, a company pays you to sit in that position. In a sense, you can match that position. For example, if you are a designer, you know the tools and skills you design.

Where did it go wrong?

This is a truely truely truth: in many cases, we do not execute enough power, not our ability, but we do not know how to do it.

On the market, there are many foreign words to save this phenomenon, for example, jumping out of comfort zone, but to tell the truth, I personally do not take things seriously, this word is too weak, it has little guiding significance.

No one wants to step out of the so-called comfort zone, but many people do not know how to cross out and what way to cross.

There is no strategy in mind, because "do not know", so stay in situ.

Many people live in their own illusions.

Why do I say that most people do not have brains?

It is certain that some people will not be able to hold the message in the end until they see the words in the preceding sentence.

But this has become a typical case of mine.

Because I want to explain that many people's brain is not good enough to make people feel bad. What I really mean is that most people do not treat their brains well. Most people do not realize that our brains are like an operation. system

What does this operating system have?

To put it simply, there are three main aspects: input devices, processing equipment, and output devices.

People who read the article out of context, their input devices are simply bad, and the articles are clearly written. They only look at half of them, or simply do not read them.

More realistically, the processing devices in their brains are all on strike. They do not filter information, do not proofread, do not think, and react to their imagination with their own imagination.

The reality is terrible. Many people live on their own illusions.

I've seen too many corporate bosses and corporate leaders fall into their illusions.

Do not say big, take our new media, a lot of people say that the content is very difficult to fire, we need to do a lot of work, to engage in small video, you see the next public figures, comics, hundreds of fans cold start, the first comic on the 100 thousand + explosion, the amount of absorption of many tens of thousands, more powerful, we have to get up.

So we recruits the troops, the movement is big, the head is hot, immediately did, imagining oneself is the next dark horse, ha ha really laughed at me.

When you go back to school, you must have met many employees who have made many mistakes and have made repeated mistakes. I really don't like my staff to do introspection work with me.

Because I have a team, and I am fully aware of the real mentality of most people who make mistakes. You pointed out his shortcomings, and he sincerely acknowledged the mistake and promised not to commit it later, but the reality is that you will receive a continuous "yes, I am wrong".

Very helpless.

It's no use apologizing. It's like the computer crashed. It's useless to restart your computer. This can only solve temporary embarrassment and solve the long-term problem.

I used to be angry: why can't I use my brain before doing things?

Later, I calmed down, I know, the human and human brain is different, excellent people are excellent, although the appearance can not see the difference, but their brain's operation system will be upgraded.

In that system, once bug is found, they will patch themselves and install themselves. Software It will make overall optimization for itself.

The reason why most people do not do well is probably because they are not conscious of upgrading their operating systems.

Probably because your operating system is still in version 1.

Good operating system, the bottom is a good mode of thinking.

Instead of worrying, I am more concerned about how you will break the situation.

Good operating system, the bottom is a good mode of thinking.

Where do you think of good thinking? You must understand that good people are not excellent at the beginning. Their operating systems are bad at the beginning, but in the process of growing up, they will constantly ponder over the problem, and how should I optimize the problem?

The smooth system is completely different from that of carton's system and experience, and the quality of life is quite different.

Believe me, I am sure that many people will still ask: how does a good thinking pattern come from?

I recollect my own growth experience and put forward some small suggestions.

First, do not be single minded and learn multidimensional competition.

Really, the expression of a tendon is really too precise. Many times, as long as we change the angle, there will be new breakthroughs in the situation.

I used to be a teacher in the system. I never thought I would go to Hongkong to sell insurance. I never thought that I would make money by new media one day. I am better at playing cards than I am in one field.

The most popular aspect of exam oriented education is that if it infuses one child's thinking, you can only rely on the dimension of "achievement" to be excellent. So when you grow up, your subconscious tells you that you have to do the best job and have the highest professional qualifications.

But this is not what the world looks like. The world is much more complicated than you think. The advantage of a long board is not big. You have to see other boards you have.

Height is better than others, so learn to compare with others.

Second, if you encounter problems, 90% can find the answer.

Believe me, there is nothing new in the sun. Now, the problem that bothers you is definitely not your problem. Other people have definitely encountered this problem.

How to do it?

Go to those who have gone through, ask them for experience, and ask them for answers.

90% skills problems, as long as you Google, as long as you Baidu, you can get it done; 90% life difficult problem, as long as you turn over the book, consult your predecessors, you can get new inspiration. Without resources, books are your best teachers.

Third, we should consciously set up a systematic thinking model for ourselves.

At this point, what I admire most is Charlie Munger, who is a bit of a great master. He reads every day, and for him, a book is a set of thinking models. A great book by the author is a very strong mental model, which is learned and earned.

There is a good saying: if you haven't realized the importance of reading good books, it is equivalent to you. Sociology The cruel rules know nothing.

There are some things that you have, but some people do not, so you are in a bigger world.

In that world, you can see each other, but the other side can not see you.

At the end of my writing, I came up with the lens of Andy's success in escaping from the sewers in the movie shawshank redemption. Every time I looked at it, I was touched by it. There were many, many, many, many difficulties in life.

Seemingly lucky, but rely on great wisdom.

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