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Baidu so many years, very not easy!

Dazzle Yi A year ago (2019-08-03) Industry trends five hundred and forty-two

 Baidu so many years, very not easy! . JPG Baidu so many years, very not easy! Industry trends

As the world's largest Chinese search engine, Baidu has indeed brought great convenience to our life, but also let our country really have its own search engine, protecting the privacy of the country.

However, Baidu's market value has suddenly declined, and the phenomenon of "tree falling and monkeys scattering" appeared in the forum. Many people scold Baidu and complain that Baidu does not give traffic. I had this idea before, but when I searched a keyword today, I found a very interesting phenomenon.

I searched for epilepsy, Baidu's "box computing.". Epilepsy directly this word, to Baidu Encyclopedia medical dictionary. Why? I click on the contents. They are all professional suggestions given by doctors in regular hospitals. The classification is also very complete, I feel very good. It made me think deeply.


So many years, so many doctors in the medical industry. Take a look at our so-called webmaster, what content have we created? More than 90% of the people complaining here, it is estimated that even the original content are lazy to write it. Many people create garbage on the Internet, in order to meet the search engine algorithm, in order to obtain traffic. Hire editors to create spam articles based on keywords every day.

Baidu has been trying to support "high quality content" sites for so many years. We have also done a lot of such traffic support activities. But in the end, baidu found, or do it yourself, these stationmaster is not reliable at all.

(for example, good doctors claim that they only put them in public hospitals, but the doctors who answer questions in good doctors are all marketing personnel of the hospital marketing department. Not to mention 39 Health, seeking medical advice and other sites).

But if you want to increase the user experience and let users of Baidu solve problems more efficiently, you have to create your own encyclopedia and create high-quality content. After all, I can control it.

In the end, it was said to be "on-site search.". Baidu is also very poor.

Who is wrong?


Wei Zexi incident since the decline in the market value of Baidu, again pushed to the forefront of the storm. But as the masses, they also need to think. It was not Baidu that cheated Wei Zexi. It was the loopholes of Chinese medical institutions, the inaction of some government departments, and the lax supervision of public hospitals on their own hospitals, which made the Putian people betray their hospital conscience under the temptation of high returns. Baidu received here, are public hospital qualifications. As a search engine, to verify whether a promotion is legal, can we still go to a certain department of the hospital and ask if this department is of its own hospital? Think about it, tell me, who killed Wei Zexi?


Give Baidu a little time, think Baidu is good, can bring traffic to continue to put in advertisement. Feel Baidu bad, can't bring flow to oneself, that goes to other place drain. As a Chinese, we need to support things that love our country, although sometimes it hurts to love. But, after all, this is the product of our country, even if you don't love it, don't sing it down. Google in? Chinese people, government, enterprises, netizens search what, pay attention to what can let foreigners easily access this information, the country security Do you want more?

I want to say: complaining can't solve any problems.

I wish all the stationmaster, the source of money rolling, wish everything!

Come on together, every day, try to make the dream closer!

Author: hacksafe source: webmaster community

Comment list

 Mu Ruoxi
12 months ago (08-15)

I don't think WP needs high configuration. I don't need captcha. Ha ha

 Weiba Road
12 months ago (08-13)

I feel, baidu borrowed stationmaster to do encyclopedia, and then threw stationmaster. In fact, baidu itself is not to do high-quality content, real quality content is not pure free.

Dazzle Yi reply:
Never high quality, free content
12 months ago (08-15)
 Mu Ruoxi
12 months ago (08-13)

Baidu's market has been suppressed, if Google can enter China, Baidu will be cool.
Your verification code is not easy to input. I have refreshed several

Dazzle Yi reply:
Wow, baby's heart is bitter, a lot of people to brush ads, a night thousands of pages, delete tired
12 months ago (08-13)
Mu Ruoxi reply:
Zblog has not played, WordPress can help you filter out~
12 months ago (08-13)
Dazzle reply:
My small machine can't carry WP, only add verification code
12 months ago (08-15)



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