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U disk anti virus Software (usbkiller) - Software Introduction
Latest version: v3.2
Update date of virus database: July 2, 2019
Price: stand alone version - ¥ 89 U disk version - ¥ 89 campus version / enterprise version-
support system : windows 2000 windows 2003 windows xp windows vista windows 7
Why choose U disk antivirus experts?
USB killer is a professional virus killing tool for U disk. It can detect and kill the virus in exe folder,
There are more than 1200 kinds of U disk viruses, such as autorun virus, VBS virus and U disk folder being hidden. It also provides U disk immune tool to automatically repair the system damaged by virus
System configuration and U disk file is not displayed. In addition, it also provides some other auxiliary functions, such as U disk unlock function, and process management.

Efficient killing: completely check and kill folder virus, autorun.inf, VBS virus, EXE virus and other thousand kinds of U disk virus;
U disk immunization: automatically detect and remove the virus inserted into the U disk to prevent the virus from infecting the computer through the U disk;
After the U disk is hidden, the system can recover automatically;
Unlock the U disk: release the U disk locking state, and solve the problem of "unable to stop the device" when pulling out;
Process management: allows you to quickly identify and terminate suspicious programs in the system;
Support equipment: support mobile hard disk, mobile phone memory card, MP3, MP4, U disk and other devices;
Compatible software: U disk killing tool is compatible with other anti-virus software and can be used together.

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It's gone security Software testing non-toxic, please feel free to download.



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