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College entrance examination is not the way for the bottom youth to counter attack

Dazzle Yi 2019-06-27 Life experience eight hundred and fourteen

  The biggest beneficiaries of the college entrance examination are phoenix male parents and middle-class families, not the children of migrant workers. I have worked in the workshop for so many years, and I know too well the situation of migrant workers' children. Over the years, I know of migrant workers, children admitted to Beijing and Shanghai 985, only one girl (Shanghai Jiaotong University). Her father was a migrant worker. Later, she became a boss and managed dozens of people. The child is entirely on his own. The other is two junior college, a small number of junior high school graduates do not read.

  College entrance examination, to put it bluntly, is the training method of athletes. Rich at home, professional coach + self-discipline + good school atmosphere. Now the primary school curriculum, the title of the third grade, I see to be angry. It's all about brain problems. If you have a good topic, you have to be so crooked that you can't make it out of your face. Go and test your child. I am a top 1 student before enrollment expansion, not to mention children?


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  1. Good coach. Now test 985, there is only one way, intensive training, brush questions. There is skill in writing questions. To equip a professional coach, students do not understand, immediately someone to answer. Many topics, if not for the tutor's guidance, you can't think of them for an hour. The review time for each course is only 40 minutes every day. High quality tutors need to spend money, and one-on-one tutors are more expensive. Many middle-class families in Beijing and Shanghai no longer consider buying a three bedroom apartment. They directly take out one person's salary to smash education, which is about 100000-200000 yuan per year. How can migrant workers' families compare with each other?

  2. Good self-discipline. Self discipline under the 12-year system. Migrant workers' families have children in middle school, and their parents are about 35-45 years old. They usually live in corporate dormitories and can't manage their children. Children are brought up by grandparents, not sick even if lucky, a rebellious adolescent children, self-discipline is often not enough. Once you hit game In love, it's useless. Only middle-class Phoenix families have this awareness. Children are also around, family learning atmosphere is strong.

  3. Good school atmosphere, No.1 Middle School in the county and key middle school in the district. However, in order to enter these high-quality schools, the vast majority of migrant workers' families can not reach them. The main middle-class families, such as the parents who are the minor subjects of the Bureau, or the small boss with a little money, buy a school district house. Most of the migrant workers' families enter poor high schools. They spend their days together. The teacher's greatest hope for them is not to fight and get hurt in school. Everything else is up to you. If you get two, you'll be excellent.

  4. The real fairness is that we should enroll in the undergraduate stage and graduate if we are qualified. We should not engage in 369 and so on. You are a talented person, you go to play in the postgraduate entrance examination stage. If the children of ordinary families are employed, they will not rob you of their doctorate.

  5. The competitors of the bottom youth are not the rich second generation, but the middle class second generation. The rich second generation, whose family assets are over 100 million, will not compete with the second generation of farmers in learning, working, getting married and buying houses. You'll never have anything to do with brother scallion. The real bayonet is popular, and what is intriguing in large units is actually the confluence between the second generation of middle class and the losers.

Most middle-class people want to get rid of the losers directly through their education background, so that they can firmly occupy the middle position and attack upward at any time.

  6. The college entrance examination needs more and more money support and parents' efforts. In fact, the system has strengthened the status of the middle class and put the second generation of farmers in a more difficult situation. Of course, every year, many second-generation farmers are admitted to 985. But on the whole, in 985, the proportion of children from middle-class families in cities is getting higher and higher, and the number of second-generation farmers is becoming less and less. You don't want to use anything. Our village has two such special cases. The 985 admissions office has data, and they are very clear in their hearts.

   The college entrance examination is fair, but it is not fair on the way to this level.

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