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Once the king of forum program: Discuz?

Dazzle Yi A year ago (2019-06-03) Industry trends seven hundred and twenty-six

If there are students using discuz's program, you should find that: discuz official forum and Application Center have been unavailable for some time.

Discuz! Announced that the Discuz! Forum has closed the speaking rights of due to the problems of resources and manpower input, but the historical data can still be consulted.

 1. JPG once the king of forum program: Discuz? Industry trends

As we all know, Discuz! Is a few mature community forum websites in China system One of them, Discuz! Has more than 15 years of application history and more than 2 million website user cases since it was launched in June 2001. It can be said that almost 1 / 3 of the individual webmasters in China have used discuz website building system. Therefore, discuz's technical forum is a community where many webmasters exchange and discuss the experience of building websites.
On August 23, 2010, Kang shengchuangxiang and tencent The company has reached an acquisition agreement and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent.

I remember ten years ago, thanks to the strength of PHP and the decline of ASP, discuz and phpwind are the most popular forum programs in China.

Discuz! Sold to Tencent, phpwind to Ali.

Back then, free: what Baidu space, Sina Blog , Lofter... Etc

Well, there are 5d6d (free forum, based on discuz)

In any case, all, free, are the most expensive; there are many restrictions, easy to be harmonious, data is not guaranteed.

In recent years, the general environment has restricted the individual to open the forum, and the blog has not been written by many people. Instead, it has become a public number, a hundred house number, a point number, a big fish number, a headline number, all of which are self-Media and headlines



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