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From today on, refuse to visit my love to crack!

Dazzle Yi 2019-05-30 Record the past six thousand eight hundred and two

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Selling dog meat with sheep's head

  Why do you say that? There are two reasons for this. The mystery lies in the eight words of "nonprofit Technology Forum". Listen to me.

  1. To say that you are a non-profit technology forum is not cheap.

  Let's calculate the income of invitation code of my love cracking forum first. By sorting and calculating the uid of the new account every day, 200 people sign up for their account through * Taobao * and the forum. Each invitation code is 19 yuan, 200 * 19 = 3800. The income of my love cracking forum invitation code is 3800 every day. If you include Baidu's advertising revenue, Google's advertising revenue, CB's sales revenue, and all kinds of income, the minimum daily income is 5000. If we calculate it by 5000 per day, my love will get 150000 income per month. Is this not for profit? If you think that there is no evidence to prove that 200 people in my love register their accounts by purchasing invitation codes every day, I will analyze them from another angle. My love now has 500000 accounts, and there are several times a year for free registration, each time for 2 hours. Let's say 100000 members are free registration. OK, take out 150000 members, and take out 200000 members. 200000 members are registered for free. There are still 300000 members left. For 300000 members, we don't need to calculate the invitation code of 20 yuan for each member. We only calculate 10 yuan for each invitation code. Because I love to crack the previous invitation code, the price is 12.88 yuan per piece, so we can't calculate each 20 yuan. I will directly calculate each 10 yuan, so it's easy to calculate. 300000 people, 10 yuan per person, 300000 * 10 = 3000000. I love to crack the invitation code from 2008 to 2016, the minimum income is 3 million, no other income is calculated. It's just invitation code revenue. Also say you are a nonprofit technology forum? Now do you think my love only made 3 million? Don't forget that we just calculated the income of invitation code, and it is still a variety of discount algorithms, and other can not be counted ha ~ if there is no discount algorithm, invitation code income + advertising revenue + virtual currency CB recharge income, by 2016, it should be about 7 million revenue.

Hmily juggled us: he turned around with a huge sum of money, put all the money into his own pocket, and then turned around and told you, "I didn't make money, I didn't make a profit. We are a non-profit technology forum!"

  The administrators who are helping my love to make money, when you have no use value, you are a dog in Hmily's eyes, and you are a free dog (why is it a dog? Please see above, already mentioned). If you don't need you, you are lucky to run fast. Or I'll kill you.

  2. Say that you are a non-profit Technology Forum, but in fact, piracy Software And pirated movies are much bigger than technology.

  If I don't have technology, I'll slap myself in the face. There must be technology, but cracked software and pirated movies are full of every corner of my love's cracking. As long as the person who knows my love, why did he sign up for my love account? 95% of people will tell you "find software and watch movies", less than 1% may say "learn technology", and another 4% will not know how to answer this question. A week later, most of the 1% who said they were learning technology were watching pirated software from movies.

  I think the positioning of the technology forum, at least technology accounts for a large proportion of the forum. It's not something else that covers the "technology.". If more than 50% of the people sign up for the account is not for technology, then it is no longer a technology forum. In other words, is snow a technology forum? You go to see snow to register an account to look for software? To see a movie? If you are really for this purpose, can you find it in the snow? Watching snow is the real technology forum. Learning to crack the forum? Learning to crack the forum is not a technical forum. I know my own website very well. Even if my learning cracking forum is a comprehensive forum at most, it has everything, but it is still biased towards technology.

  Clearly know that they are illegal businesses selling pirated software and pirated movies. Pointing to these two kinds of things to make money, the webmaster must say that he is a "non-profit Technology Forum". You are so big

  In recent years, the price of invitation code has been adjusted to 19.9 yuan each. In short, it means paying 19.9 yuan for a through ticket. After payment, you can choose pirated software, music, movies and TV series. At the same time, you may have to recharge some virtual currency to buy a pirated software or a pirated movie. This is my love stationmaster's two important income channels.


Piracy my love?

   I often say who imitates you, who imitates you today, who imitates you tomorrow, who do you imitate? Who are you copying? You say you don't know, do you?

   Where did you communicate when you didn't create my love cracking forum? Piaoyun Pavilion, I've been there, right? Now there are still accounts, but they are not online.
Then you can see the forum of your older generation "Piaoyun Pavilion" by yourself. Isn't it convenient to see it? I'll cut a picture for you. Can you tell which is my love cracking forum by comparing the following two pictures?

    Yes, of course, because I love to add some content to the Fanyun Pavilion forum. So many people fake the forum, I love to crack the forum, who is the Shanzhai?



  Do you not blush when you always say that someone who counterfeits you, who pirates you, who plagiarizes you... I blush for you

  There is another case, which will be cracked by Hmily as piracy. As long as they meet the following three conditions, they can be included in the scope of the piracy my love cracking Forum:
1. Crack related forums.
2. Use DZ forum.
3. Use DZ default template.

   Well, I would like to ask: the creation of the floating cloud Pavilion is the first, my love, the crack is created after, you are both crack forum, DZ, are the default template. Who in the end is pirating who?

   A little smoke and rain is also created first, my love crack is created later, you are both crack forum, DZ, are default templates. Who in the end pirated who?
In my opinion, as long as you don't collect the content of your website and forward several posts, which is not piracy, don't give others the label of pirating my love cracking forum.
Don't use this way to suppress other cracking forums. When you created my love to crack, a little rain and floating cloud Pavilion didn't suppress you so much.
If they play like you and frame you, you and I can't crack it. I was killed by people like yourself.

There is no doubt that I love the power of the forum, and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that I love to crack this platform.
But the character of station master "Hmily" is very poor. As the saying goes, rotten wood can't be carved, and dung walls can't be built! Yu Ling and he Zhu? Come on!

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So you give us the whole server


Indeed, my love is very black hearted


Kafan is not bad


It's a pity that I only saw this post now. Recently, I also have a deep understanding. To be honest, I feel a lot of anger in my heart to see someone say it like this. It's cool. Thank you first! Ready to find another forum to settle down


It's a pity that I only saw this post now. Recently, I also have a deep understanding. To be honest, I feel a lot of anger in my heart to see someone say it like this. It's cool. Thank you first! Ready to find another forum to settle down


It's reasonable. I have a deep understanding!


If you don't like it, you can't go.

Dazzle Yi reply:
Yes, no more. Now I'm wandering in love cracking and floating cloud Pavilion

If you don't like it, you can't go.



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