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[windows] Taiwu volume V version (updated on May 10)

Dazzle Yi A year ago (2019-05-10) Past records four thousand and thirty

"Taiwu painting scroll" is an independent one developed by conchship games, focusing on mythology and martial arts game Players will play the mysterious "descendant of Taiwu".
On September 21, 2018, Taiwu painting volume was released.
In the world of "Taiwu painting scroll", you not only need to play the mysterious "descendant of Taiwu", but also throw yourself into the complicated and complicated rivers and lakes with different social standpoints - good, evil, or mean. You can not only visit the Wulin sects all over the world to learn a wide variety of martial arts and unique skills; you can also form a golden orchid or a deep blood feud with others; you can not only build your own village and run various industries; you can also have children with your beloved, and you can make a third birth. Until you finally face the old enemy of Taiwu, defeat Xiangshu sword tomb and decide the fate of the world!

 004713tc47thfhxbfih679.jpg [windows] Taiwu volume V version (updated on May 10) records the past

Update to version v0.2.1.3

Taiwu volume V version Password: b7z2 | size:
It's gone security Software Test non-toxic, please feel free to download.

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It turned out to be a game.



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