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Our victims

Dazzle Yi 2019-02-10 Life experience one thousand and fifty-three

  The post-90s generation, frankly speaking, if Sociology Without major changes, there is almost no solution.


  On the whole, the development of history is moving forward and getting better and better. But this development process is not a straight line, but a spiral. The bumps and bumps are inevitable.

  Two steps forward, one step back, and so on.

  Some people are lucky enough to catch up with the two steps forward. With the help of God, they make a little effort and achieve achievements that they can hardly imagine.

  Some people are unlucky, catch up with a step backward, such as a ghost to help, so that the milk force, always feel behind the ghost pull can not move.

  With the development of society, all walks of life are basically saturated, and resources and seats have been carved up. Not to mention the traditional industry, that is, the Internet industry, the trend of oligopoly has also formed. There is also a very obvious trend. Class solidification has almost taken shape. The influence of family resources on people is becoming more and more important, even reaching a decisive level. Inbreeding is common.

  Of course, this is the norm of history. For example, Mao and Deng's turbulent history in recent decades is an extraordinary state of history.

  Young people also understand, know how to work hard, the ceiling is there, simply follow the Buddha line.

  My eyes looked out of the wall, my neck was hanging on the wall, my hands were pushing hard, my feet were still stuck in the mud.

  Others are so rich that I dare not let others know that I am poor.

  Other people's love is so sweet, I dare not have love, afraid of being hurt.

  Other people's family is very warm, I dare not say my original family with unfamiliar friends, for fear of being ridiculed.

  I must save money to buy cosmetics like them, improve clothing products, and become sunny, confident and sweet to smile, but it is not.

  They are familiar with their feelings. I, those who doubt that they are good to me, can't accept others' kindness to me, so I'm very serious.

  Many, I am always easy to envy others, I do not have so strong perseverance to change myself.



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