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Why do we oppose the "education" of our elders?

Dazzle Yi 2019-02-07 Life experience nine hundred and fifty-eight

  The elder always likes to say, "I eat more salt than you eat."

  I would like to return a word to them. What's the difference between this and salted fish


  If they have been in the puddle all their lives, they have not been able to get out of it. How much help can their "education" help us?

  If they have caught up with the east wind of the past 40 years, they have become pigs stepping on the wind. But at the same time, they attribute this success to their "wisdom and greatness". How much help can their "education" help us?

  Unless you have been immersed in a certain field for many years, you have not only achieved success in your career, but also become the elder of talents. Such an elder, not to mention "educating" us, may benefit us a lot if they inadvertently say a few words.

  Unfortunately, there is no such elder. If you can really meet one or two, it's a rare blessing.

  It's a pity that most of them are talkative and good teachers, but they have been mediocre all their life. The best place to show superiority is reproduction system High utilization of. This is the reason why they ask "object, child-bearing, second child" when they open their mouth - other aspects are so poor that they can't mention it.

  They may not know that there are many interesting things in life besides reproduction. Unfortunately, they don't understand these new things, so they can't talk.

  It is very hard for us to have a dialogue with a duck. This is the reason why young people are disgusted by the long and unfutritional "education" of their elders.

  Wisdom is not necessarily proportional to age. Otherwise, how can there be the saying "age lives on dogs"?

  after all In this generation, Russian dolls suddenly become Doraemon, which is hard for anyone to accept.



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