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[windows] download around the client browser

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-12-16) Industry trends one thousand two hundred and sixteen

    Download around the browser of the excessive mother client, collected on the Internet, see that the forum is basically not speed limited client ah, this only needs to create a label folder in the browser, when downloading, click on the folder to download, and it is no trouble.

 [windows] download industry news page 1

The code is this:

     javascript:navigator.__ defineGetter__ ('platform',function(){return''})

Fill in the title, just fill in the address.

360, IE browser test is OK

 [windows] download the industry news from the browser of the mobile phone No.2

 [windows] download industry news around the client browser page 3

Fox browser can also, other browser self-test, aunt see do not spray



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